sm crashing on startup

2017-01-03 Thread Greg Troxel
I have a NetBSD 6 system, with jabberd 2.4.0 (built for netbsd 5 still. Although binary compat at this level is almost beyond suspicion, I am rebuilding all packages) . Jabberd mostly works fine, but on boot sm crashes. I have adjusted sequencing, although in theory it should not matter (and

Re: Whitelisting?

2017-01-03 Thread Matěj Cepl
On 03/01/17 09:30, Tomasz Sterna wrote: > W dniu 02.01.2017, pon o godzinie 23∶33 +0100, użytkownik Matěj Cepl > napisał: >> It is possible to allow messages from contacts on roster only. >> [...] I wondered whether you (or anybody else) could point me to >> some HOWTOs or examples? > >