Re: [JBoss-dev] hsqldb options

2003-03-29 Thread Micael
There is no good reason. At 10:55 AM 3/29/03 -0500, you wrote: Prompted by a customer, I did some experiments with hsqldb options. Currently we specify a tcp port and require a hsqldb mbean to start the hsqldb server. This opens a port and requires explicit hsqldb shutdown. Two other options

[JBoss-dev] Web Application Deployment????

2002-09-20 Thread micael
When you deploy a web application utilizing Tomcat/Catalina with JBoss 3.0 and Tomcat 4.0.3, how does JBoss work with the application.xml in the [JBOSS_HOME]/server/default/deploy/web-application.ear, if at all? Micael P.S. The application.xml is in the web-applicationWEB-INF/application.xml

RE: [JBoss-dev] Recruiting new developers

2002-08-15 Thread micael
student, but my arrogance has been diluted a bit over the years. Thanks for taking the time on this, I guess. But, on the crying thing, screw you too. Micael --- This email is sponsored by: OSDN - Tired of that same old cell phone

Re: [JBoss-dev] Recruiting new developers

2002-08-14 Thread micael
Another (additional) way would be to provide snappy and easy to read introductions to the basic code layout in JBoss. I am a Java Certified Programmer, so I know a little about Java, and I have coded many large sites, but know little about JBoss. I came here to learn about a year ago but

Re: [JBoss-dev] Recruiting new developers

2002-08-14 Thread micael
I think that sometimes people do not see the effort a newbie has put into something, because putting yourself into their place is also difficult, and is not so urgent, i.e. their pain is not your pain. I paid to get documentation that turned out to be a work in progress and have never really