Re: Super Perl Sites

2001-01-15 Thread Simon Wistow


Makes me laugh anyway.

Re: Super Perl Sites

2001-01-15 Thread Philip Newton

Philip Newton wrote:
 James Royan wrote:
  Just so that I get my facts straight, could the list suggest 
  maybe 4 or 5 really well known sites that I could point to
  which are definitely known to use Perl in a big way?
 Besides Blackstar? :-)
 This question was posted to clpmisc (I think. Or maybe 
 de.clpmisc) just a couple of days ago. I'll try to find it.
 If I do, I'll post the followups. was one of them, I believe. I think was 
 also mentioned.

Yes. The question is 93ku8m$h25$[EMAIL PROTECTED] (aka which also shows you the
thread). Author "webqueen, queen of the web [EMAIL PROTECTED]", Subject
"are there sites with Perl Advocacy examples?", Date "Thu, 11 Jan 2001
18:32:54 GMT".

Someone using the pseudonym "David H. Adler" pointed webqueen to , which Dave Cross also
pointed to. "Maggert" listed, NASA, and Sandia Labs.


RE: Super Perl Sites

2001-01-15 Thread Jonathan Peterson


If the guy in question has never _heared_ of Perl, I'm not sure Slashdot
will mean much to him..