Re: KMM 5.0.0 in Magaia 6

2018-05-14 Thread Thomas Baumgart
Michael, thanks for the reports. Please make sure to use a version based on the 5.0.1 released tar-ball. Unfortunately, the version that is printed by KMyMoney in the about box has not been updated so it is a bit harder to distinguish from a real 5.0.0 version. Please use

KMM 5.0.0 in Magaia 6

2018-05-14 Thread Michael Berger
Hello Thomas, I am very sorry for my below repeated premature statement re KMM 5.0.0 After digging deeper I must now advise Mageia 6 users to be extremely cautious when trying KMM 5.0.0. I continue using it for my everyday work while avoiding the dangerous parts/commands of it. Thomas, as I