Re: [Marxism-Thaxis] Evidence please. Productive . Industrial capital U have...

2009-01-07 Thread Mehmet Cagatay
Hello, I found this list via Jim Farmelant's post on Marxmail. After reading Waistline's arguments about the macro economic composition of capital and his brave challenge that provokes us to provide evidence to the existence of the SECTOR called industrial capital, eventually I decided to

Re: [Marxism-Thaxis] Feitshization -things vs relations

2009-01-16 Thread Mehmet Cagatay
I differ here with both BodyS and Hugh Rodwell. I think Marx applied the term fetishism to denote the singularity that in capitalist societies the commodity form of our mutual objects converts them to fetishes that provide the recognition of social relations in the imaginary form through

Re: [Marxism-Thaxis] [politicalaffairs] Re: Political Affairs Magazine - The Concept of quot; Auraquot; and the Question of Art in Althusser, Benjamin and Greenberg

2009-02-07 Thread Mehmet Cagatay
Mr. Dumain, would you please clarify why you regard Althusserian anti-humanism as a kind of epater les bourgeois? Thank you in advance, Mehmet Çagatay --- On Fri, 2/6/09, Ralph Dumain wrote: Althusserian and French