Re: [Matplotlib-users] windrose 0.5

2006-10-26 Thread Derek Hohls
Lionel Is it possible to change the font sizes on the (a) direction labels (N, S, E, W) (b) % values labelling the rings? Thanks Derek -- This message is subject to the CSIR's copyright, terms and conditions and e-mail legal notice. Views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the

Re: [Matplotlib-users] windrose 0.5

2006-10-26 Thread Lionel Roubeyrie
Hi Derek, yes you can, because you've got an axes instance: freq, axe= windrose.windplot( ... setp(axe.thetagridlabels,fontsize=16) #for directions setp(axe.rgridlabels,fontsize=10) #for values I want to change how windrose is called and controled, like all others matplotlib graphs. Maybe in

[Matplotlib-users] display problem of eps files in Adobe Photoshop

2006-10-26 Thread Christian Meesters
Hi, I'm producing eps files using matplotlib (current version) on a linux box with SuSE 10.0. Whenever I view those files with a standard viewer on that machine or try to embed it in a latex document there is no problem. Now I've copied these files on a Windows machine and I opened them in

Re: [Matplotlib-users] 0.87.7: Ticks are always black

2006-10-26 Thread John Hunter
Karl == Karl Guertin [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Karl I have a very customized matplotlibrc for rendering charts Karl for web pages. The biggest change is that I render Karl everything white on black by default. This has worked fine Karl up through 0.87.5 (the last release I

Re: [Matplotlib-users] Error with bar charts

2006-10-26 Thread John Hunter
stochashtic == stochashtic [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: stochashtic I am brand spanking new to matplotlib and using stochashtic python for scientific computing (amazing product; stochashtic can't believe I didn't know about it before.) and stochashtic would appreciate some help in

[Matplotlib-users] Unable to compile on FC6

2006-10-26 Thread Robert Elsner
Hello Everybody, I use the usual scipy + numpy + matplotlib combination for my daily work. Unfortunately after switching to Fedora Core 6 (from FC5) I am unable to compile matplotlib 0.87.6 on my system. The steps involved so far where: * First building numpy 1.0 final (installing

Re: [Matplotlib-users] Error with bar charts

2006-10-26 Thread Eric Firing
Suresh, This is baffling, and particularly annoying for someone just starting out with mpl. I don't think there is any problem with the barchart code--the demo works for me with numarray--and I don't see anything obvious in the traceback. Are your matplotlib and numarray both from Mandriva