[Matplotlib-users] Clear Figure

2008-10-04 Thread rocha
.]) and nothing is plotted. The Figure is totally gray. I tried to do the same thing in embedding_in_qt4.py example, modifying some parts, but it didn't work too. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks! Best regards, Bernardo M. Rocha

Re: [Matplotlib-users] Clear Figure

2008-10-05 Thread rocha
. Rocha Jae-Joon Lee wrote: I guess you need to put draw() after plot() self.canvas.figure.clf() self.canvas.axes.plot([1.,2.,4.]) self.canvas.draw() Let us know if it does not help. -JJ On Sat, Oct 4, 2008 at 7:17 PM, rocha [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Guys, I need to clear the Figure after