[meteorite-list] WANTED: Korra Korrabes H3

2003-08-22 Thread ROCKS ON FIRE
Hello, List, is there anyone out there who could sell me a lot of about 2kg of Korra Korrabes H3? Your off-list offers incl. P/H to Australia are deeply appreciated. Thanks, and my appologies for this OT spam. Best_regards Best regards from

RE: [meteorite-list] Re: rust and crust

2003-08-22 Thread mark ford
Stephen, I have also treated Irons with NaOH , it is important to wash them well in good quality 'distilled' water, and alcohol (preferably anhydrous pure) and dry in a drying oven for a few hours, then quickly apply a coating of VCI/metal protector [before the iron cools] (otherwise moisture

[meteorite-list] Boiling Seas Linked To Mass Extinction

2003-08-22 Thread Ron Baalke
http://www.nature.com/nsu/030818/030818-16.html Boiling seas linked to mass extinction Methane belches may have catastrophic consequences. Tom Clarke Nature Science Update 22 August 2003 A massive methane explosion frothing out of the world's oceans 250 million years ago caused the Earth's

Re: [meteorite-list] Nakhla - What was turned to ash?

2003-08-22 Thread Ron Baalke
Hi List and dog lovers, If that dog ever existed, does anyone know what kind of dog this would be. That is what breed of dog is common to Nakhla Egypt? That is an excellent question. Does anyone know? Ron Baalke __ Meteorite-list mailing

Re: [meteorite-list] Nakhla - What was turned to ash?

2003-08-22 Thread Steve Schoner
--- Ron Baalke [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi List and dog lovers, If that dog ever existed, does anyone know what kind of dog this would be. That is what breed of dog is common to Nakhla Egypt? That is an excellent question. Does anyone know? Ron Baalke You can always

[meteorite-list] Mars Makes Closest Approach In Nearly 60,000 Years

2003-08-22 Thread Ron Baalke
http://planetary.org/html/news/articlearchive/headlines/2003/mars_closest-approach.html Mars Makes Closest Approach In Nearly 60,000 Years By A.J.S. Rayl The Planetary Society 21 August 2003 Mars is shining brightly in the night sky and moving closer to Earth with every passing day. Even

[meteorite-list] World's Largest Robotic Telescope Ready To Track Near Earth Asteroids

2003-08-22 Thread Ron Baalke
http://www.nearearthobjects.co.uk/news_display.cfm?code=news_introitemID=195 World's largest robotic telescope ready to track NEAs NEO Information Centre August 18, 2003 The telescope designed, constructed and commissioned by Telescope

[meteorite-list] Re: Recent Flash Floods

2003-08-22 Thread Paul
On Thu, 21 Aug 2003 12:30:11 -0700 (PDT) Robert Verish This most recent influx of moisture into the deserts has caused severe flash-flooding. Up until now, the dry lakes have been overly wet with standing water, but flash-flooding has the energy to bring large volumes of mud and rock with

[meteorite-list] How s(low) can it get...

2003-08-22 Thread j . divelbiss
Ron, Steve and others, Things really are at a snails pace on the list these days...so slow that I thought I would pass on my meteorite revelation for the day. Looking at my Meteorite Calendar for August, it dawned on me today that the Adamana oriented meteorite owned by Robert Haag should be

[meteorite-list] NWA 1167 INFO and THIN SECTIONS Sale

2003-08-22 Thread dean bessey
I have had a bunch of inquiries regarding NWA1167 over the last few days including from Dr Rubin at UCLA. To confirm, yes, it is my meteorite and I got the name from Jeff Grossman at the met society and NWA1167 is a provisional name that I am responsible for getting. But I have no idea how Rubin

[meteorite-list] ebay auctions by Comet Meteorite-Shop

2003-08-22 Thread Popocatept
Comet Meteorite-Shop has many interesting ebay auctions running. However, they have a zero feedback rating. I am reluctant to buy from a zero feedback entity. Could any list members who have dealings with this company advise as to the reputation of same? Since I'm a new list member, I'll let

[meteorite-list] Incoming!

2003-08-22 Thread Ron Baalke
http://www.popsci.com/popsci/aviation/article/0,12543,473545-1,00.html Incoming! The killer-asteroid movies are almost forgotten, but the threat is real and unquantified. Will it fall to hobbyists to save the world? by Gregory Mone Popular Science September 2003 Its name is 1950DA, it's the

[meteorite-list] Thank you!

2003-08-22 Thread Dave Harris
Hello and nice to be back, Firstly I want to thank all of you who gave me sensible possibilities for those mysterious possible meteorites. I have yet to go thru all of the mail to note down what the consensus was, but one thing I did note was that no one said they were not meteoritic - which

[meteorite-list] Re: Recent Flash Floods

2003-08-22 Thread Robert Verish
First, I'd like to point out those areas in which we agree. Essentially, we agree on all points. The main point that we both agree upon is that there will be a new layer of sediment. I wasn't specific about the coarseness or the sorting of that sediment. And we both agree that it will take

[meteorite-list] Mars Odyssey THEMIS Images - August 18-21, 2003

2003-08-22 Thread Ron Baalke
MARS ODYSSEY THEMIS IMAGES August 18-21, 2003 o Koga Crater (Released 18 August 2003) http://themis.la.asu.edu/zoom-20030818a.html o Eroded Surfaces (Released 19 August 2003) http://themis.la.asu.edu/zoom-20030819a.html o Valles Marineris Landforms (Released 20 August 2003)

Re: [meteorite-list] ebay auctions by Comet Meteorite-Shop

2003-08-22 Thread j . divelbiss
Mike, Comet Meteorite Shop is a self described team of field collectors and sellers of found(by them) and bought meteorite from different countries of Africa and the Middle East. To date I'm assuming they have strictly sold things by email, from their website, and at shows around the world.

[meteorite-list] What to watch while waiting for the mars opposition.

2003-08-22 Thread Howard Wu
Hi list, After seeing Ron Baalke's great list posting articles about the mars opposition, I thought I'd share this nicenarrative from NPR about the recent mars occultation: http://www.npr.org/features/feature.php?wfId=1401486 Howard Wu PS Telescope buffs: Don't miss the must see photos Want

Re: [meteorite-list] ebay auctions by Comet Meteorite-Shop

2003-08-22 Thread Charlie Devine
Mike, I'll go a step further then John. You can absolutely trust Serge and company. They are also good friends with Al Lang and he speaks highly of them. Since Al is one of the true good guys in this hobby, whom I've known for many years, that's good enough for me. I've also dealt with Serge

[meteorite-list] Park Forest Impact Collection Up for auction

2003-08-22 Thread Maccers531
Hello List, I just listed a collection of Park forest fragments from 4 different impacts. This comes in a riker display box that I had built and displayed in my home. This is a good opportunity for all Park Forest enthusiasts to get specimens from 4 well known impacts at one time. The ebay item