[meteorite-list] Bad anniversary......

2003-09-11 Thread M come Meteorite Meteorites
Hello Two years ago humanity underwent one of the worsts made an attempt aside of a band of fanatical that use the excuse that their God wanted this does killing beyond 2000 innocent persons. This infamy, like other made always aside of this people, never will be forgotten, in the hope that a

RE: [meteorite-list] Cold hunting

2003-09-11 Thread mark ford
I suspect most meteorites bury themselves on impact to just below the surface in soft sand/dirt so, I think the rate of 'soil covering' will make the difference, a dry desert soil is generally eroded away by winds to reveal them, and somewhere like tropical Britain (well this year at least!) has

[meteorite-list] Dave Freeman's Rock Springs Meteorite

2003-09-11 Thread Robert Verish
Here's an image of the L6 that Dave is talking about: http://www.geocities.com/bolidechaser/rocksprings/rckspr88.jpg Happy Birthday, Dave! And best wishes, Bob V. - [meteorite-list] Cold hunting David Freeman [EMAIL PROTECTED] Wed, 10 Sep 2003 21:03:34 -0600

RE: [meteorite-list] Cold hunting

2003-09-11 Thread Zelimir Gabelica
I believe Mark is perfectly right by saying that most meteorites are lying below the soil surface. I did not make any compiling but I guess if you go through all the Met. Bull's reporting meteorite FINDS, I am pretty sure that about (at least ?) half of them were found through plowing some field.

RE: [meteorite-list] Cold hunting

2003-09-11 Thread mark ford
Zelmir, Well put, given the potential value of a massive chunk of Esquel I am supprised no one has sunk further holes around the site! If I lived near by, I'd certainly do it myself! Maybe the use of a magnetometer would be the way to go, these days there is a myriad of equipment designed to

[meteorite-list] Mission to Meteor Crater

2003-09-11 Thread Ron Baalke
http://www.azdailysun.com/non_sec/nav_includes/story.cfm?storyID=72845 Mission to Meteor Crater By SETH MULLER Arizona Daily Sun September 11, 2003 Although a manned mission to Mars remains in the realm of science fiction, more than a dozen NASA scientists and contractors have been conducting

[meteorite-list] PURTARANO

2003-09-11 Thread Steve Arnold, Chicago!!!
Wow what a beautiful piece of earth rock.It is so hard to believe that this is not a meteorite, in stead of meteorwrong.I want to thank matt morgan for letting me purchase a piece of PURTARANO.I just got a 219 gram slice.This thing is gorgeous.It looks so much like a stony iron.It looks alot like

Re [meteorite-list] Cold hunting/Esquel

2003-09-11 Thread Zelimir Gabelica
Mark, Interesting comments. However I am not sure somebody still knows where exactly that well was sunk. Esquel was supposed to be found back in 1951 (ref.: Meteorites from A to Z). I know the finder kept the piece for long years before he made it expertized as meteorite and again it took him

[meteorite-list] Mysterious Blast Shakes Nanaimo, Canada

2003-09-11 Thread Ron Baalke
http://www.globeandmail.ca/servlet/story/RTGAM.20030911.wnama0911/BNStory/National/ Mysterious blast shakes Nanaimo Canadian Press September 11, 2003 Nanaimo, B.C. -- Was it a sonic boom, a dynamite blast, or an asteroid hitting the earth? Government and local emergency services were stumped

[meteorite-list] meteorite ground movment

2003-09-11 Thread Tom aka James Knudson
Hello List, How much can a meteorite move? Kingman's old airfield used the outskirts of kingman as a shooting range during WW2 and I asked the airfield museum how many 50 caliber bullets they shot on this range. The airfield museum curator did not remember the exact number, but he remembered it

[meteorite-list] Re: Recent Flash Floods

2003-09-11 Thread Robert Verish
Hello List, Over the past several weeks I've had the opportunity to visit 14 dry lakes in CA and NV. I'm here to report that I have some good news. All of the 14 dry lakes that I recon'd were in typically good shape with only a couple having experienced marginal flooding and minor resurfacing.

[meteorite-list] Want NWA 869 slice

2003-09-11 Thread Lars Pedersen
Hi All I am looking for a big (and affordable) NWA 869 slice. Any one who want to sell me one ? Pleace write to me off list. Best Lars Pedersen __ Meteorite-list mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED] http://www.pairlist.net/mailman/listinfo/meteorite-list

[meteorite-list] Re: Recent Flash Floods

2003-09-11 Thread Robert Verish
Hello List, Over the past several weeks I've had the opportunity to visit 14 dry lakes in CA and NV. I'm here to report that I have some good news. All of the 14 dry lakes that I recon'd were in typically good shape with only a couple having experienced marginal flooding and minor resurfacing.

[meteorite-list] Bad Anniversary

2003-09-11 Thread Maccers531
Matteo, Thank You for remembering and commenting on the national tragedy that happened two years ago. No one here has forgotten it still is a sad day for many of us. I live in a Chicago suburb and many people here are conducting fundraisers benefiting the people who lost so many in New

[meteorite-list] Park Forest thin sections

2003-09-11 Thread Rob Wesel
Hello all- I am gearing up to run some PF thin sections on eBay and I have one without a cover slip for you microprobe folks out there. Best offer $40 or more come Sunday takes it, otherwise it'll be on eBay too. http://imagehost.vendio.com/preview/ra/rancor/PFTSNC.jpg I also have 4 with cover

[meteorite-list] Cold hunting?

2003-09-11 Thread Matson, Robert
Hi Sterling and List, Sterling wrote: Taking the area of the Earth to be 5.1 x 10^8 km^2 and the meteorite flux to be 23,930 yr^-1 (that's the figure from the MORP study), this yields the assumed collisional cross section of the earth to be 21,360 km^2 yr^-1. This rate means that one

RE: [meteorite-list] Cold hunting question

2003-09-11 Thread Warren Zwanka
Just wondering who owns these areas you "cold hunters" are searching? Are areas like the Gold Basin and Bonneville Salt Flats publicly owned or do you make arrangements with individual land owners? WarrenJoin Excite! - http://www.excite.comThe most personalized portal on the Web!

Re: [meteorite-list] PURTARANO

2003-09-11 Thread j . divelbiss
Steve and others, A few months ago I posted a thread to the list that basically said that while the Putorana looks like a mesosiderite...that when I compared it to Vaca Muerta in thin section, they look nothing alike at all. Plain and simple the Putorana looks like the basalt that it has been

Re: [meteorite-list] Cold hunting?

2003-09-11 Thread Sterling K. Webb
Hi, Rob, Actually, I seem to recall that Phil Bland at the Natural History Museum in London (formerly called The British Museum and always will be in my head) did a study doing terrestial age-dating all the meteorites from several given areas, just to get the age distribution and a figure on

Re 2: [meteorite-list] PUTORANA not PURTARANO

2003-09-11 Thread j . divelbiss
List members, I'll respond to my own thread by going one step further...recognizing that eucrites and terrestrial basalts are chemically about the same. However, looking at the few eucrites I have, they are much finer grained and less colorful than the Putorana basalt. The plagioclase needles

[meteorite-list] Cold hunting

2003-09-11 Thread Matson, Robert
Hi All, On the subject of met hunting, Dave P. replied to my remark: Matson: If you want to reduce search time per (cold) meteorite find (i.e. non-strewnfield), the #1 factor is survival time -- you must maximize it any way you can: 1. Low deposition rate -- ideally a ~negative~ deposition

RE: Re 2: [meteorite-list] PUTORANA not PURTARANO

2003-09-11 Thread Matt Morgan
John: For starters read the article at the bottom of the page here.. http://www.mhmeteorites.com/pubs/news.htm This may help you see why and how things got strange with this rock. Matt Morgan -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Behalf Of [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [meteorite-list] Re: Recent Flash Floods

2003-09-11 Thread moni waiblinger-seabridge
Hi Bob, nice images of the *rock garden*! i am still trying to see which one of the images show the meteorites. You seemed to forget to describe for us where to look for them! :-) Sternengruss, Moni ps. i remember you sending this along with the Nevada Meteorite Picture of the Day.