Re: New Server, looking for some general advice

2020-05-11 Thread Antonino Sidoti
Hello, I am using OpenSMTPD with the following; Maildir Dovecot/LMTP Spamd Dkimproxy Dmarc (Domain) SPF Let’s Encrypt Certificates Simple script for Spamd to obtain RBL lists Filters for fcrDNS Mutt Client Virtual Users and Local user Backup Mail server using Dovecot replication (Located in

New Server, looking for some general advice

2020-05-10 Thread Chris Bennett
Hi, I just added a new /27 server. So I haven't started anything except local for right now. It's using amd64 -current. I'm using A records for domain and mail.domain. No problem there. It has one mail. address assigned right now. Different than domain IP. What I want to achieve: 1. Use Maildir