2019-07-29 Thread Австин Ким
Hi, Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread; it’s been hella revealing and illuminating to read all the reasoning and technical considerations that have driven the design choices and tool selections that have gone into the OpenBSD Project, especially for someone new to the Project such


2019-07-26 Thread Австин Ким
Hi, all, Sorry, been hella busy rushing to finish final graduation projects for school and had no idea so many people weighed in with so much awesome feedback! > That said, OpenBSD has a cultural restriction of requiring people to > inspect the patches before incorporating them. Adopting git

OpenBSD Project

2019-07-20 Thread Австин Ким
Hi, I’m trying to choose a simply and permissively licensed operating system to use for a class group project but due to the project timelines don’t have time to try out every BSD-licensed OS out there and am trying to narrow down possibilities. As far as I can tell OpenBSD, NetBSD, and

Re: OpenBSD Project

2019-07-21 Thread Австин Ким
> On July 21, 2019 6:05:28 AM GMT+03:00, bkfuth <[…]> wrote: > > I have used OpenBSD, for years, in my computer security classes. I find > > it best suited for these classes. The governance has never been an > > issue. If you know what you are doing the OpenBSD community is a good > > one. > >


2019-07-22 Thread Австин Ким
Hi, As someone completely new to OpenBSD the one immediate first impression that most peculiarly sticks out like a sore thumb to me is the Project’s use of CVS for source code management. In the class I’m taking (the one for whose class project I just recently downloaded OpenBSD/macppc for