Re: question about CentOS 7 and OpenSMTPD-Extras

2016-07-28 Thread Markus Julen
Hi! There's a very good step by step "recipe" at, including ClamAV and spamassassin (and more). It's very easy to set up - even without filters. Another very good guide can be found at Virtual users, mysql? No

Old clients fail to establish SSL Connection to 6.9

2021-05-06 Thread Markus Julen
Hi all! Having just moved a small "outgoing only" mailserver to 6.9, I started to receive error messages: > 80008bb60b9428ed smtp connected address=X.X.X.X host=z.z.z > 80008bb60b9428ed smtp disconnected reason="io-error: handshake failed: > error:1402610B:SSL

Re: Monitoring SMTPD

2021-04-29 Thread Markus Julen
Hello! > On 29. Apr 2021, at 03:22, Antonino Sidoti wrote: > > Hello, > > I was wondering what options are available to monitor OpenBSD SMTPD? Can SNMP > be utilise? My monitoring system is PRTG and I am using that for most of my > systems. Can someone share their way of monitoring please?