[MORPHMET] New publication on patterns of skull modularity and integration over postnatal ontogeny

2016-09-29 Thread 'Tina Klenovšek' via MORPHMET
Dear Morphometricians, we wish to inform you about a publication on skull modularity and integration across ontogenetic stages in a long-lived vole with well-defined age stages conducted on wild and laboratory bred specimens from two phylogenetic groups: Modularity and cranial

[MORPHMET] Three blocks PLS

2016-09-29 Thread Paolo Piras
Hi folks, I write you in order to know if someone developed in R the Three blocks PLS approach described in : Bookstein, F. L., Gunz, P., & Ingeborg, H., et al. (2003). Cranial integration in Homo: Singular warps analysis of the midsagittal plane in ontogeny and evolution. Journal of Human

Re: [MORPHMET] Re: How to export .obj with textures as .ply with colours for morphometric analyses?

2016-09-29 Thread M. Viviana Toro Ibacache
Dear Patrick, I apologise for the late reply. The software I used to do the procedure is Geomagic Studio, version 2012, 64-bits. Best wishes, Viviana 2016-09-19 5:19 GMT-03:00 lv xiao : > Hi Dr. Viviana, thank you very much for your exposition. I noted that > there are