[MORPHMET] Re: Open Access Repositories for GMM data and 3D models

2017-01-20 Thread Zack Daugherty
I have been using Open Science Framework https://osf.io/ which is a very user friendly platform in my dissertation work. It also has the ability to mint DOIs. Zack Zack Daugherty, PhD Candidate University of Miami On Tuesday, January 17, 2017 at 11:49:54 AM UTC-5, ashleigh.haruda wrote

[MORPHMET] Re: 2D Capture Protocol for mostly 2D specimens

2015-08-01 Thread Zack Daugherty
Thank you all for your help. Moving forward I purchased a Pentax K3 DLSR http://us.ricoh-imaging.com/dslr/K-3_ and a Pentax 35 mm HD Macro lens http://www.pentaxforums.com/lensreviews/hd-pentax-da-35mm-f2.8-limited-macro.html (extremely low distortion rating). My picking some enthusiast