[MORPHMET] WarpRefMesh p x k matrix read problems.

2017-12-04 Thread ashleigh.haruda
Hello all, I am stuck on what is probably a very easy issue but my normal sources for troubleshooting just haven't been very helpful lately. I'm trying to visualize any kind of warps on a 3D .ply file. In the past, I used a combination of MorphoJ and Landmark (IDAV) but the quality of the

[MORPHMET] Open Access Repositories for GMM data and 3D models

2017-01-17 Thread ashleigh.haruda
Dear All, I've been investigating open access repositories to deposit both 3D models as well as GMM data and have been struggling to find any which offer built-in support and pricing for these types of data. I work mainly with zooarchaeological specimens, so I am most familiar with