[MORPHMET] Error in estimate.missing (package geomorph)

2017-01-31 Thread Pere Ibáñez
I have an array (p x k x n) of landmark corrdinates for a set of specimens. Some of them have missing landmarks (NA). I am trying to estimate these landmarks using: estimate.missing(nameofmyarray, method = "Reg") And I get this error: Error in incomplete[lndmk, , i] <- tmp : replacement has

[MORPHMET] Procrustes ANOVA for FA Analysis

2017-01-31 Thread Kate Rusk
Hello everyone, I am a bit confused about how to properly import and classify data for a Procrustes ANOVA in MorphoJ. Here is some more information about my data: 15 3D landmarks on human faces (object symmetry) 479 individuals 15 landmarks from 5 individuals digitized a second time Sex and age

RE: [MORPHMET] Error in estimate.missing (package geomorph)

2017-01-31 Thread Adams, Dean [EEOBS]
Pere, I agree that there is likely some issue in the data array and how it is configured, but it is difficult to troubleshoot without knowing more and seeing the input data. If you communicate with me off-line I am willing to take a look for you. Best, Dean Dr. Dean C. Adams Professor

[MORPHMET] Workshop: UWashington.EvolQuantGenetics.Jun5-9

2017-01-31 Thread Joe Felsenstein
(note: this course will have about one lecture on the analysis of morphometrics on phylogenies) Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics Workshop Friday Harbor Laboratories, University of Washington, 5-9 June 2017 Non-credit workshop. Participants arrive at Friday Harbor Labs on Sunday, June 4,