Re: [music-dsp] stereo-wide pan law?

2012-02-07 Thread Tom O'Hara
L = ((1+w)L + (1-w)R)/2 R = ((1+w)R + (1-w)L)/2 0=w=2 0 = mono 1 = normal 2 = full wide Tom On 07-Feb-12 11:20, Ross Bencina wrote: Hi Everyone, Does anyone know if there's a standard way to calculate pan laws for stereo-wide panning ? By stereo-wide I mean panning something beyond the

Re: [music-dsp] IIR Coefficient Switching Issues

2013-11-05 Thread Tom O'Hara
On 04-Nov-13 18:10, Phil Burk wrote: A different approach is to have two filters in parallel. You can be listening to one while setting up the other. When the other filter is stable just cross-fade from one to the other. And cross-fade both the input and output with a sine/cosine after

Re: [music-dsp] Changing Biquad filter coefficients on-the-fly, how to handle filter state?

2016-03-03 Thread Tom O'Hara
4. the only problem with the filter cross-fade scheme is knowing how long to wait before you can ping-pong back to the other filter. it's like you have two filters running simultaneously on the same input with ostensibly the same coefficients (most of the time) so their outputs should be

Re: [music-dsp] Blend two audio

2018-06-18 Thread Tom O'Hara
On 6/18/2018 6:42 PM, gm wrote: I find that in practice a cosine/sine fade works very well for uncorrelated signals. Likewise. Tom ___ dupswapdrop: music-dsp mailing list

Re: [music-dsp] resampling

2018-07-25 Thread Tom O'Hara
On 7/26/2018 2:27 AM, wrote: Regarding Tom's remark:  Using the copied samples also requires no additional multiplcation since the value is already stored and in use (?) No, they require multiplication and addition as, while the samples are the same, each coefficient is

Re: [music-dsp] resampling

2018-07-23 Thread Tom O'Hara
I've done many resamplers over the decades (48<->32, 24,16,8) and always used FIRs for these reasons. Tom On 7/23/2018 6:25 PM, Nigel Redmon wrote: Some articles on my website:, especially the 2010 articles, but the

Re: [music-dsp] resampling

2018-07-24 Thread Tom O'Hara
Adding zeros is an advantage as then you don't need to calculate their multiplication, as 0 x coefficient = 0 The filter order will be the same with zeros or repeated samples. Tom On 7/24/2018 4:37 PM, wrote: Hello Nigel could you please say a word more to what you mean