Re: [NAnt-users] Nant and cpp files

2009-02-19 Thread Michael Pento
I would assume that you would have to exec a call to g++ or something like that. Should be pretty easy, I think. target name=compile property name=src.cpp value=source_file.cpp / property name=g++.cmd value=g++ ${src.cpp} -o some-file-name-here / exec program=${g++.cmd} output=build.log

Re: [NAnt-users] Nant and cpp files

2009-02-19 Thread Michael Pento
I've never made a custom task. The developers at my company provide me a makefile and I launch make against that. From: ptr [] Sent: Thursday, February 19, 2009 4:01 PM To: Michael Pento Cc: Subject

Re: [NAnt-users] Where is nant contrib

2009-04-15 Thread Michael Pento
Hi Bob, I have been using 0.86 beta 1 of nant for about 3 months with the 0.85 version of nant-contrib without issue. Still hoping they will start a 0.86 for contrib. though :-) Thanks, Mike From: Bob Archer [] Sent:

Re: [NAnt-users] How to publish remotely.

2009-04-16 Thread Michael Pento
Maybe map a drive to that machine and use that to publish to? From: Bob Archer [] Sent: Thursday, April 16, 2009 11:12 AM To: Suresh D. Cc: Subject: Re: [NAnt-users] How to publish remotely.

Re: [NAnt-users] editing a VBP

2009-04-24 Thread Michael Pento
Hi Bob, I have had to do this in the past for various reasons (binary compatibility, setting versions to specific values, etc.) and I was never able to find a suitable way to do it with nant alone. Ultimately, I ended up writing a vbscript that would do the work for me and then I would just

Re: [NAnt-users] Return a value from NAnt script

2009-08-13 Thread Michael Pento
Why not call the second batch file from within the nant script? If the build portion fails the batch file is never executed. Mike From: Wilson, Brian [] Sent: Thursday, August 13, 2009 10:22 AM To:

Re: [NAnt-users] Getting the Path of an Included Build File

2009-08-18 Thread Michael Pento
If I understand you correctly, you want the path without the filename. get-buildfile-path() returns the path and file of the currently running build script. If all you need is the path portion, you could just parse that out yourself: !-- get the full path + build file -- property

Re: [NAnt-users] aspnet_compiler.exe ignore warning messages

2009-10-08 Thread Michael Pento
Unless there is an option for aspnet_compiler.exe itself (I didn't see one ...) to squelch warnings only, I don't think that the exec task can do this. Mike -Original Message- From: gmoney [] Sent: Thursday, October 08, 2009 10:16 AM To:

Re: [NAnt-users] Output console to text file

2009-10-22 Thread Michael Pento
Hi Justin, If your using the nant-contrib library you can use the record task ( l) to save your output to a log file. It supports various output logging levels and you will still get your output on the console. target

Re: [NAnt-users] tokenizing a script tag and link

2009-10-22 Thread Michael Pento
Bob's right, I tried this just messing around (slow day here ...) : property name=trainingwatermark value=lt;link rel=quot;stylesheetquot; type=quot;text/cssquot; href=quot;..\style\watermark.cssquot;gt; / The output looks like this: [echo] link rel=stylesheet type=text/css

Re: [NAnt-users] Input prompting ...

2009-11-03 Thread Michael Pento
Good Afternoon Folks, I was just playing around with this and I was able to do it with a C# script function in a target: target name=getUserInput script language=C# prefix=build code![CDATA[ [Function(getInput)] public static