nettime Choking Fidel and Us

2004-06-17 Thread John Young
The Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control has issued for public comment new restrictions on travel to Cuba with increased penalties for violations. The proclaimed intent is to harm Cuba's economy by reducing income from tourism and educational travel.

Re: nettime Choking Cuban writers

2004-06-20 Thread John Young
What is troubling is that the US is singling out Cuba for economic warfare while doing its damnest to promote economic bear-hugging other socialist and ropgue states, presumably on the premise that economic well-being will persuade the citzenry to vote with their pocketbooks by buying and

Re: nettime Will Rational Exuberance Prevail?

2004-10-27 Thread John Young
No doubt the thing to do is to relax, don't overly fret about the US election outcome, why bother to organize, do legwork, serve on dreary election committees, seek out and listen to those who you've never spoken to as an equal to learn from them what's eating their gizzards, to hear what they

Re: nettime Southeast Asia Tsunami and the Effective ...

2005-01-02 Thread John Young
What is disturbing about lack of information from the South Asia tsunami is whether allegedly missing persons being memoralized by nations of origin with candlelights and moments of grieving, are dead, injured, or merely unaware they are preceived to be missing and thus do not contact those

Re: nettime Just do it! - Intellectual theft as a curatorial

2005-07-08 Thread John Young
There is nothing beyond happenstance convention which assures a creator credit, recognition, monetary payment, praise, security from appropriation. Much, perhaps all, of the argument in the exhortive post is that used by commercial approriators, thieves and bandits, their henchpersons and sharks,

Re: nettime Notes on Netporn

2005-10-10 Thread John Young
The operator of the war porn site Dery cites has been arrested: The ex-cop's web site,, continues to offer cutting edge repugnant carnage ribaldry of the kind popularized by lit and flic of crime-war-faith fantasies

Re: nettime Use of Computers in Preschools

2005-12-12 Thread John Young
A fair amount of this critique of computer use is applicable to business, government, education, religion and so on. The seniors, call them leaders, see computers only as tools to maximize worker productivity and for open and covert surveillance. They do not use them to set policy except to

Re: nettime The Sudden Stardom of the Third-World City

2006-03-31 Thread John Young
There is hardly a better prescription for dreaming of suicide, by cities, persons or ideoligies, than comfortable success and lack of a need to struggle to survive. The invention of the Third World brand came from the mental laziness non-western intellectuals and political ideolgues grown soft

Re: nettime hear ye, hear ye... truce for NNA discussion

2006-06-07 Thread John Young
Yes, the NNA report was somewhat informative but smeared, obscured, lipsmacked by the trivial sidebar complaint. What fear, of what or whom? Truce for what, a minor snit sniffle, piffle? And what is this illiteracy about stars and the little nobodies aching to lick their shriveleds as if

RE: nettime Disordered thinking through the origin oflanguage

2006-09-08 Thread John Young
Words, coherent language, came from god, and if that anti-scientific premise is offensive, recall that the earliest philosophers, Thales et al in western canonicism, others earlier in Asia and Africa, argued that coherent language came from a humiliating sense of wonder, wonder at astonishing

Re: nettime Gender and You

2006-10-13 Thread John Young
Feminism is not the same as women, maybe not about most of them either. It addresses a fairly small set of some women's interests, and some of those women extrapolate their interests to women in general. And a small number of men use this as a means to presume to know what women are and, to be