There is nothing beyond happenstance convention which assures a creator
credit, recognition, monetary payment, praise, security from
appropriation. Much, perhaps all, of the argument in the exhortive post
is that used by commercial approriators, thieves and bandits, their
henchpersons and sharks, who invoke lop-sided convention to lay claim to
creative work, cloaked, as ever, in the mantle of defending
near-helpless creators, few of whom enjoy the fruits of convention, and
always much less than the upper levels of the copyright heirarchy
forever raving about the way things should be: like they want them to

Blessed are those who defy this priestly argument for protection of
innocents unable to protect themselves without divine intervention from
rot-crotched belly-achers hoping to divert attention from their
back-channel predations.

To be sure, artists and ever more surely, curators, rip off creators. So
what. Rip them off in return. Diatribes against ripoff are capable of
being entertaining, in a dumb and dumber mode.

No artist deserves anything except what they can beg, borrow and steal.

Intellectuals deserve nothing except one another.

Defenders of artists and intellectuals are up to no good.

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