[nfc-l] Fwd: [de-birds] Maurice Barnhill

2016-10-04 Thread Jerald
Hello all, I am very sad to report that longtime subscriber of the listserv, Dr. Maurice Barnhill passed away last night. He was an active member of the birding community (especially in my home state of Delaware), and will be sorely missed by all. Below is a forwarded message from the DE-birds

RE: [nfc-l] Virtual Meet and Greet

2016-10-04 Thread John Kearney
Good idea Bill. I was waiting for the authors to post but I think this is such a good and important contribution, I hope they don’t mind if I do it. Griffiths ET, Keen SC, Lanzone M, Farnsworth A (2016) Can Nocturnal Flight Calls of the Migrating Songbird, American Redstart, Encode Sexual

[nfc-l] 4th Week of September in Nova Scotia

2016-10-04 Thread John Kearney
Hi All, A report on nocturnal migration at Carleton, Yamouth County, Nova Scotia for the 4th week of September can be found here: http://johnfkearney.com/Carleton_YarmouthCounty_2016.html. It was the most active period of the autumn migration so far with 29% of the total calls since the fourth