[Nix-dev] [***SPAM***] unzipNLS

2017-07-08 Thread Karn Kallio via nix-dev
The unzip Nixpkgs expression does not build with the NLS attribute selected because the patch conditionally applied conflicts with the earlier patch [dont-hardcode-cc.patch]. The attached patch fixes the build by increasing the patch fuzz to the size of the context. >From

[Nix-dev] [***SPAM***] re2c fix build

2017-07-08 Thread Karn Kallio via nix-dev
The attached patch fixes the build of the re2c Nixpkgs expression by adjusting the sourceRoot to account for the unpackFile treatment of a directory. >From 39acc883cca970653b7b2fa5ed1c4630b11a1e9d Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001 From: Karn Kallio Date: Sat, 8 Jul 2017 21:32:17 -0400

[Nix-dev] Call For Testers: Multi-User Nix Installer for Darwin

2017-07-08 Thread Graham Christensen via nix-dev
Hello everyone, tl;dr: If you have a macOS computer with Nix, please test my new installer! Remember, if you don't like the daemon, it is easy to uninstall again, and go back to without a daemon! Please test! Link at the end. I wrote an extensive, thorough, and almost always correct installer

Re: [Nix-dev] Using system.autoUpgrade with a git channel

2017-07-08 Thread John Ramsden via nix-dev
Cool, might have to do some experimenting. -- John Ramsden On Fri, Jul 7, 2017, at 08:35 PM, Danylo Hlynskyi wrote: > I've seen this in a wild > > system.autoUpgrade.enable = true; > system.autoUpgrade.flags = lib.mkForce > [ "--no-build-output" > "-I"