Re: [ns] Problems compiling ns-2.30 with g++ 4.1

2006-10-12 Thread Ignacio Mas Ivars
On Wed, 2006-10-11 at 22:38 -0700, Tom Henderson wrote: Ignacio Mas Ivars wrote: Hi all! I am trying to compile ns-2.30 in an linux Ubuntu box with g++ 4.1 and I am having problems with the linker. All the files are compiled correctly but when linking the following message appears:

[ns] Standard Deviation

2006-10-12 Thread walid demigha
Hi, What does it mean Standard Deviation metric in the MAC layer context? and how do we calculate it? -- best, wal.

[ns] Digital fountain on ns2..

2006-10-12 Thread Pezhman Fallahi
hi all i wonther if someone done digital fountain on ns2 or have the encoding/decoding source code in c/c++. please help me. regards, pezhman

[ns] How to implement a new Protocol in NS2?

2006-10-12 Thread Christian Kellner
Hello, I'm a beginner in NS2 and have tested to implement a new example Protocol in NS2, using the Tutorial: Implementing a New Manet Unicast Routing Protocol in NS2 I did all changes who are necessary but I can't use this new Agent in a simple

Re: [ns] how can we echange variable between layer???

2006-10-12 Thread Pedro Vale Estrela
If you pass these between c++ modules by calling TCL procedures, this is very easy (but slow) Start by checking this page Pedro Vale Estrela -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On

[ns] two way communcation between wireless station and wired station

2006-10-12 Thread mayank kanthali
hi ns-user i want to simulate two way communcation between wireless station and wired station. how can i simulate this scenario. how can i set wired station as server and all mobile stations as client. if you know, please help me. thanks alot mayank

[ns] BIC TCP / CUBIC TCP under ns-2.29

2006-10-12 Thread Aleksandar Smolovic
Hi all, Anyone have installed BIC TCP and CUBIC TCP under ns-2.29 ? I have downloaded files ( and tcp.h) from their site but they are for ns-2.26. Now, I need to make changes to my files in ns-29, since I cannot JUST use ns-2.26 files. I have downloaded ns-2.26 from NS2 site, find

[ns] reproducing the graphical results of EDCA model

2006-10-12 Thread wajid mehmood
hi all, I want to test the EDCF simulation of the guy from tu berlin,I want to reproduce the graph of his simulation mentioned in the paper Design and Verification of an IEEE 802.11e EDCF Simulation Model in ns-2.26, Telecommunication Networks Group, Technische Universität Berlin,

[ns] How to implement aggregation?

2006-10-12 Thread g_fnoor
Hi Everybody! I have to build a hierarchical network and then apply aggregation to it, i already have the tcl scripts for the building the network, what i need to know is, which C++ files do i need to change to implement the aggregation? i mean how does one know what files to change in the

[ns] [Fwd: How to implement aggregation?]

2006-10-12 Thread g_fnoor
Original Message Subject: How to implement aggregation? From:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Date:Thu, October 12, 2006 12:57 pm To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Cc:

Re: [ns] reproducing the graphical results of EDCA model

2006-10-12 Thread Pedro Vale Estrela
Have you asked the original authors for their code? -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of wajid mehmood Sent: quinta-feira, 12 de Outubro de 2006 14:09 To: ns-users@ISI.EDU Subject: [ns] reproducing the graphical results of EDCA model

[ns] NS2 + UCBT

2006-10-12 Thread Loreno Oliveira
Hi list, sorry for this message. I know this is not the apropriate list for discussing external NS modules, but the UCBT list seems to be no more active, and I hope there are people here with some experience with UCBT. Well, I have reproduced, using NS2 + UCBT, a scenario whose I have performed

[ns] generic VBR Traffic - bit rate higher than the maximum rate set

2006-10-12 Thread ben
Hi, Has anyone try using the generic VBR application made by Håkan Byström? The source can be found here I understand this code will vary the time interval which packets are sent as well as the packet size.