[ns] Contribution to NS-2 (Puma multicast protocol)

2007-12-16 Thread Sidney Doria
Hi NS-2 all, I'm proud to announce my contribution to you. Puma is a next-generation multicast routing protocol for mobile ad hoc networks concepted by Ravindra Vaishampayan at UCSC in 2004. It outperforms that well know multicast protocols like MAODV and ODMRP. This happens because Puma is a

[ns] ad-hoc routing simulation

2007-12-16 Thread Taku Nakayama
Hi Everybody I simulate the ad hoc routing protocol now. I want to hand the number of packets stored in IFQ(InterFace Queue) to the routing agent. What should I do to refer to the number of the packets in IFQ from the routing agent? Please give me a hint. Best regards, Taku