[ns] segmentation fault(core dumped) error

2008-03-14 Thread SS Mukaka
I'm having problems with the above mentioned error when the number of nodes in my simulation is more than 30. I'm simulating my own protocol and it works well with nodes less than 30... Regards...

[ns] how to compile new agent

2008-03-14 Thread sabareisch
hi, I have created a new agent by modifying 'ping' example in Marc Greis tutorial. But if i execute the '.tcl' file im getting the same output as before. I have added some classes.but i execeuted by commenting those classes and i changed the following line alone: I have changed:

[ns] RSSI Reg

2008-03-14 Thread S.Selva Nayagi
Hello, Any one having code for RSSI values getting from Beacon nodes using Ns2.

Re: [ns] segmentation fault(core dumped) error

2008-03-14 Thread Arturo Servin
I have 69 nodes, it was working well until yesterday that I added one line to create a new variable. After the value set up the simulation crash around the middle, if I remove the line, it works well. The offending line could be something as silly as: set dummy 0 I wonder

[ns] anyone with adov code with enhanced security

2008-03-14 Thread Sheraz Nadeem
Hello, if anyone have the implementation of the AODV or MAODV or SAODV with enhanced security plz provide it to me or any type of help you can provide.I am using NS-2.31thanks bye _ Express yourself instantly with MSN

[ns] (1)Trace file issue (2)Tracing parameters that are not usually traced with TRACE-ALL instance

2008-03-14 Thread RANJITH KUMAR
I just wanna ask two different doubts.. First: Take a look at these trace file content.. It uses new-trace format of wireless n/w Sconfig 0.0 tap: on snoop: rts? on errs? on Sconfig 0.0 salvage: on !bd replies? on Sconfig 0.0 grat error: on grat reply: on Sconfig 0.0 $reply for

[ns] Node and TCP files help required

2008-03-14 Thread Mahmood Qureshi
Is any body send the detail description file related to the following file node.cc node.h tcl.h tcl.cc tcp.cc If any body have the description file ( Describe each functions and how it is working ) so kindly give me .. Or any other help is greatly appreciated PS: I dont want this kind of

[ns] Preample issue in 802.11a mac layer

2008-03-14 Thread Gabrial Monty
Dear all, I want to simulate the detailed behavior of 802.11a mac layer where I want to consider the preample and the PLCP header when calculating the transmission time and the PER of a data packet. For the PLCP header it is specified in the standard its size and the data rate used to

[ns] Agere ORINCO 802.11a User Guide

2008-03-14 Thread Gabrial Monty
Dear all, From where I can get the User's Guide for ORINCO PC Card from Agere Syatems since I need the reciever sensiitvity of that card for 802.11a. I have searched the internet but I could not find the needed information. Any hint please? Best wishes, gaby