[ns] resend:installing problems of ns2.26

2010-03-09 Thread cleverbobywjb
i want to test tcp with bic and cubic . so in order to use the code from nets.i have to set up ns2.26 first. but when i installing ns-allinone-2.26.tar.gz .it can't get through.the the error is that: checking system version (for dynamic loading)... ./configure: line 5718: syntax error

[ns] Dynamic Routing Problem

2010-03-09 Thread kaustubh bansal
Hi everyone I've a topology in which some nodes can crash at run time. I'm using $ns rtproto DV to indicate that shortest path should be dynamically selected for file transfer. To show that a node failed, i first tried to break all the incident links using $ns rtmodel-at 1.0 down $n(1)

Re: [ns] segmentation fault when trying to read common header of a packet

2010-03-09 Thread Ariel Goldberg
I just made some progress with this... i still have the problem, but a better idea where it comes from. Basically, its that i get a blank packet of the IFQ... i don't know why? What is happening is that node 1 is sending a packet to node 0. Node 0 replies with an Ack to node 1. Node 1

Re: [ns] segmentation fault when trying to read common header of a packet

2010-03-09 Thread Ariel Goldberg
Hi Sireesha I am working with MAC802.11 I am not sure about authentication packets... but my understanding is that packets are identified by the common header. The types of packets i know of are defined in packet.h as below: static const packet_t PT_TCP = 0; static const packet_t PT_UDP = 1;

[ns] BitTorrent Simulations

2010-03-09 Thread Sidney Doria
Hi all, I'm looking for the BitTorrent code (patch) and scripts from Kolja Eger's works: Packet and flow level simulations of BitTorrent-like P2P networks Efficient Simulation of Large-scale P2P Networks: Packet-level vs. Flow-level Simulations This code isn't avaiable anymore in the cited

[ns] Performance of AODV

2010-03-09 Thread Charley Cheng
Hi everyone, I am trying to reproduce the simulations results of AOMDV paper. I followed the same parameters described in the paper, which are listed below: 1. Network size: 1000m*1000m 2. Number of nodes: 100 nodes 3. Radio transmission range: 250m 4. Channel bit rate: 2Mb/s 5. 50 CBR/UDP

[ns] getting queue limit prob

2010-03-09 Thread waqar haq
hi to all m trying to get a queue limit using this code set queue [[$ns_ link $node $nbr] set queue_] set queueli [$queue queue_in_bytes_] puts queuuelimit $queueli i have used simple drop tail queue after getting handle of queue from link i tried to use queue_in_bytes as its

[ns] Packet Forwarding reg

2010-03-09 Thread Gopi
Hi, 1. I am implementing a Routing algorithm in NS2 for forwarding consecutive packets via different next hops for particular destination. 2.Now i finished transferring node information from Tcl to C++, formulated a routing table with multiple nexthop for the