[NTG-context] unwanted code in bookmarks

2003-10-18 Thread Pawel Jackowski na Onet
Hi all! Please consider (or compile) the following code: \setupinteraction[state=start] \placebookmarks[chapter,section][chapter] \defineXMLenvironment [chapter] {\defineXMLargument[title]{\chapter}} {\relax} \defineXMLsingular[end]{\end} \enableXML

[NTG-context] Natural Tables (all options)

2003-10-18 Thread ml-context
Hello, with a lot of help of Lutz (member of this list) I am now able to produce Context files and compile them to PDF. Now I am reading the documentation and some emails from this list to learn some details. I played a little bit with natural tables (also read the examples in ennatab.pdf) -

Re: [NTG-context] Visual creators for ConTeXt

2003-10-18 Thread ^Nitram^
Hi, WE I had a look at the FLOWcharts: I would suggest [cut] There is a little update of creators: - flowcharts - Willi's suggestions implemented - commands - as above and description mechanism added (no description yet - but see \setupbackground for example) PS. Make sure that old files in

Re: [NTG-context] things I do when I get bored...

2003-10-18 Thread Hans Hagen
At 00:34 18/10/2003, you wrote: at http://levana.de/context/texshow-web.html you get forwarded to the whatever is the current location of texshow-web. The current location will move some day to a place yet unknown. once i have reorganized the web server i can give you an account Hans