[NTG-context] Maximum width of a caption

2015-01-03 Thread Mojca Miklavec
Hi, Is there any way to set the maximum width of a caption? I would like to make sure that no figure caption exceeds, say, 75% of text width. Here's an example of bad behaviour in the second figure: \starttext \reservefigure [width=5cm,height=2cm,frame=on][force] {Some very small figure with

[NTG-context] plot data from file: cld

2015-01-03 Thread John Kitzmiller
I seek how to use context-lua to draw a path from ‘points’ in an external file. Below is one way to plot points from an external file, call the file DATA with contents: 1 3 -2 2 -3 -1 3 -2 \starttext \startluacode local metafun = context.metafun metafun.start() io.input(“DATA) while true do

Re: [NTG-context] Steps in presentation

2015-01-03 Thread Jeong Dal
Dear Fabrice, The following code is working in my mac. I tried your first code and it is working after adding \setupinteraction[]. Since I didn’t use ‘rsteps’ module, I could’t test the second code. My ConTeXt version is as following. ConTeXt ver: 2014.12.21 22:25 MKIV beta fmt: 2014.12.26

[NTG-context] plot data from file: cld

2015-01-03 Thread Akira Kakuto
Dear John, How to make this a polygon? An example: \starttext \startluacode local metafun = context.metafun metafun.start() io.input(DATA) local i, j local x, y, s, t1, t2 i = 1 x={} y={} s=draw while true do x[i], y[i] = io.read(*n, *n) if not x[i] then break end metafun(filldraw