[nysbirds-l] eBird.org: Recent Additions to County Checklists

2017-10-05 Thread Ben Cacace
When working on the NYS eBird Hotspots wiki I'll compare the previous bar chart list of species with the current one picking up any additions or deletions. By going to each county's 'Overview' page you can determine the date the species was added by county. Some are from newly submitted checklists

[nysbirds-l] Jamaica Bay NWR East Pond Field Trip Report (Queens Co.)

2017-10-05 Thread Ken Feustel
Sue and I spent a pleasant morning birding the East Pond at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge today. Highlights included continuing American Avocet, Caspian Tern, and Bald Eagle. Other species of note were American Golden Plover(2), Eurasian Wigeon(1) and American Pipit (5). The presence of the Bald

[nysbirds-l] NYS eBird Hotspots: State, Counties & Locations Updated (Oct/'17)

2017-10-05 Thread Ben Cacace
Thanks to @Team_eBird for their dedication to keeping eBird.org running smoothly and for the group of New York State hotspot moderators for their time reviewing shared location suggestions. The wiki page site was developed to access data on eBird.org and in places it includes additional links to

RE: [nysbirds-l] Brown Booby Montauk Yes

2017-10-05 Thread Grover, Bob
I have to wonder if the poor person who owns Maui has any idea the boat is getting covered in guano. [cid:image001.png@01D33DDA.E78C41D0] Bob Grover d +1 (631) 761-7369 | c +1 (516) 318-8536 An Equal Opportunity Employer From: bounce-121911507-3714...@list.cornell.edu

[nysbirds-l] Brown Booby Montauk Yes

2017-10-05 Thread Arie Gilbert
.continuing on top of Maui sailboat mast. viewed from this location at 0.41pm on 10-05-2017 http://maps.google.com/maps?q=41.06733656,-71.93489023 41.06733656,-71.93489023 Arie Gilbert No. Babylon NY www.powerbirder.blogspot www.qcbirdclub.org -- Sent from Loretta IV in the field --

[nysbirds-l] American Golden Plover Jones Beach, WE2 Swale.

2017-10-05 Thread Elizabeth Dinapoli
Received a call this morning from Bob P. that Bob A. relocated the American Golden Plover that he found on Monday. Bird is currently hanging out on the swale with Kildeer, one Lesser Yellowlegs and Canada Geese. Ed B. had trouble posting this so I did it for him. You missed this one Arie G!

[nysbirds-l] disregard: Jones Beach Coast Guard Western Kingbird (today)

2017-10-05 Thread Tyler Goldstein
#fake news I got home and looked at my photos of what I now believe was just a Great Crested Flycatcher. Sorry for the MIS information. I did some crazy stuff last night so I'm going to sleep now. Tyler Goldstein Jericho, NY On Thursday, October 5, 2017, Tyler Goldstein

[nysbirds-l] Jones Beach Coast Guard Western Kingbird (today)

2017-10-05 Thread Tyler Goldstein
Flycatching this morning by the hedgerow and then relocated by the trees west of the coast guard installation. Disappears sometimes so patience is needed. Tyler Goldstein Jericho, NY -- NYSbirds-L List Info: http://www.NortheastBirding.com/NYSbirdsWELCOME.htm