Re: [Openstack] user cannot change there own password

2013-07-11 Thread Julie Pichon
Hi John, val john wrote: Hi.. guys im running simple openstack cloud with 2 compute nodes im manually creating user accounts for users. but seems like users cant change there own password . im using Openstack folsom release , Please advice In addition to the link

Re: [Openstack] [Horizon] UX Discussions - proposal for better organization, rising activity and awareness

2013-06-18 Thread Julie Pichon
Gabriel Hurley wrote: I've been hoping some of the more design-oriented folks would weigh in on this issue, but that hasn't particularly happened... It seems there are already a few of them on the G+ community, it would be worthwhile to also have this conversation in

Re: [Openstack] Boot from Volume via Horizon?

2013-06-12 Thread Julie Pichon
Hi, Wolfgang Richter wrote: Am I missing something or does Horizon as released with Grizzly not have an option for booting an instance from a volume? When you click on the button to Launch an instance on the Instances page, you should see a Volume Options tab that will let you

Re: [Openstack] horizon dashboard error 500

2013-05-03 Thread Julie Pichon
Hi, Rajesh Upadhayay wrote: I have just installed Openstack Grizzly on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.. Everything was fine but after server reboot, I lost dashboard and getting error 500 Internal Server Error. I have verified all configuration but didn't get any idea. Have a look

Re: [Openstack] [Grizzly] Unable to retrieve quota information

2013-04-29 Thread Julie Pichon
Hello, Ashutosh Narayan wrote: I have installed Grizzly on CentOS 6.4. I was able to see quota information for quite some time. But looks like after reboot the quota information is not reflected in the Overview tab. Is there a bug related to this, if not which

Re: [Openstack] [Grizzly] Unable to retrieve quota information

2013-04-29 Thread Julie Pichon
Hi, Ashutosh Narayan wrote: Data is not displayed at all and it pops an error dialog. Http error_log shows - [Mon Apr 29 12:11:35 2013] [error] \x1b[31;1mRecoverable error: [Errno 111] Connection refused\x1b[0m Error 111 is another pop up which I see when I

Re: [Openstack] [Folsom]Very slow Openstack Dashboard

2013-04-10 Thread Julie Pichon
Arindam Choudhury wrote: Hi, I am installing OpenStack Folsom on Fedora 18. The openstack dashboard is very slow and its giving the following error message: Error: Unable to retrieve quota information. Hello! Could you look at the httpd logs and copy the stack trace

Re: [Openstack] horizon/keystone

2013-02-25 Thread Julie Pichon
Mballo Cherif wrote: Hello everybody ! I need to understand how does horizon use keystone to authenticate user in dashboard? What is really the interaction with horizon and keystone? I am looking the horizon code but it's not easy to understand. Thanks you for

Re: [Openstack] Installed Openstack errors

2013-02-21 Thread Julie Pichon
Hello Harry, harryxiyou wrote: 1, Some errors with django === [Thu Feb 21 14:57:07 2013] [error] Exception AttributeError: AttributeError('_DummyThread' object has no attribute '_Thread__block',) in module 'threading' from

Re: [Openstack] Instance blocked when migrate between host.

2013-01-21 Thread Julie Pichon
Hi Lei, Lei Zhang wrote: Today, I am testing the openstack migrate function. ( not live migration) After run the command `nova migrate`, the status of the instance became `Verify Resize` and never changed itself. Event though I found this instance has been started on

Re: [Openstack] Cannot create projects. Folsom on Centos 6.3

2012-12-27 Thread Julie Pichon
Hi Andrew, Andrew Holway wrote: I am trying to create a new project on my fresh folsom install on Centos6.3. In Dashboard I can see the service and admin project but I cannot edit these or make a new one. I see Error: An error occurred. Please try again..

Re: [Openstack] Cannot create projects. Folsom on Centos 6.3

2012-12-27 Thread Julie Pichon
Hi Andrew, Andrew Holway wrote: On Dec 27, 2012, at 4:13 PM, Julie Pichon wrote: I've seen something similar when the keystone default role defined in Horizon doesn't actually exist in Keystone. The guide you link to suggests changing the default role in Horizon