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2002-08-18 Thread Geoff Hudson
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Re: orion-list Enochian Sects: Samaritan vs. Judah-ite

2002-08-18 Thread George Brooks
Dear Geoff, Thanks for the questions. You write: 1. Jehonadab son of Recab (2 Kings 10.15) was around before the exile described in 2 Kings 17. So presumably the Rechabite lifestyle was already in evidence. Yep, according to the biblical editors. This could either have some historicity to

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2002-08-18 Thread George Brooks
More interesting items from Boccaccini's work, which describe some of the factors towards the creation of the Qumran community. The author believes the Qumran community is an offshoot of the Essene movement, and that the Enochian elements of the Essene movement considered their priesthood much

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2002-08-18 Thread George Brooks
Boccaccini, on page 142 of BEYOND THE ESSENE HYPOTHESIS mentions a text that I had not encountered before: Pages 141-142: In the Testaments the emphasis on human responsibility reaches a degree of intensity that was unknown in the previous Enochic tradition. The document signals an epochal