Re: show-and-tell snippets

2001-01-01 Thread Uri Guttman
searching. i don't know it will clear the window each time it runs. in an emacs shell, it doesn't so you have history and you can save it as well. uri -- Uri Guttman - [EMAIL PROTECTED] -- SYStems ARCHitecture, Software Engineering, Perl, Inte

marketing a perl class

2001-03-19 Thread Uri Guttman
and that helps a lot. thanx, uri -- Uri Guttman - [EMAIL PROTECTED] -- SYStems ARCHitecture, Software Engineering, Perl, Internet, UNIX Consulting The Perl Books Page --- The Best Search Engine on the Net

Re: marketing a perl class

2001-03-20 Thread Uri Guttman
room is just obscene, but I guess j there's nothing that can be done about that. unless you know a place where you can set up a class for 35 people and not have to pay for it. :) uri -- Uri Guttman - [EMAIL PROTECTED] -- SYStems ARCHitecture, Softwa

boston classes

2003-01-07 Thread Uri Guttman
around the world (and Damian has been around it a few times!). And a new training budget comes with the New Year, so get your request in now before it gets spent elsewhere. We are again offering a 50% discount to the underemployed and students. -- Uri Guttman -- [EMAIL PROTECTED

Re: good examples of longer perl programs

2004-04-01 Thread Uri Guttman
somewhat longer perl DB scripts available which I can use in my course work? check out Stem from cpan. no one module is too large but there are many and several thousand lines of quality code IMNSHO :) i do get compliments on the code quality so it ain't just my ego talking :) uri -- Uri

Re: good examples of longer perl programs

2004-04-06 Thread Uri Guttman
. well written and plenty of good stuff in it. it finally hit the presses last month. uri -- Uri Guttman -- [EMAIL PROTECTED] --Perl Consulting, Stem Development, Systems Architecture, Design and Coding- Search or Offer Perl Jobs

Re: syntax-highlighted Perl in Powerpoint 2008

2009-05-02 Thread Uri Guttman
which prints a buffer keeping the coloring (emacs calls those things 'faces'). and then you would have a ps file (if you select a file instead of a printer for the output) which you could edit later on. or even convert it to some other format that you could edit more easily. uri -- Uri Guttman

Re: good perl textbook for programming beginners

2010-02-19 Thread Uri Guttman
'. it is out of print iirc but you can find used copies. it is pretty good. it uses diagrams to explain loops and flow control and all the code is perl. nothing else i have seen does perl for non-coders. uri -- Uri Guttman --