Re: [HACKERS] Getting references for OID

2014-12-02 Thread Borodin Vladimir
Hello, How can I get all depend objects for oid of object? For example, I have oid of db db_id and I want to get all oids of namespaces, which contains this db. Thank you! Hello, Dmitry. Actually, this list is for developers (as described here [0]). You should ask this question on

Re: [HACKERS] Streaming replication and WAL archive interactions

2014-12-16 Thread Borodin Vladimir
12 дек. 2014 г., в 16:46, Heikki Linnakangas написал(а): There have been a few threads on the behavior of WAL archiving, after a standby server is promoted [1] [2]. In short, it doesn't work as you might expect. The standby will start archiving after it's promoted,

Re: [HACKERS] ExclusiveLock on extension of relation with huge shared_buffers

2014-12-28 Thread Borodin Vladimir
25 окт. 2014 г., в 4:31, Jim Nasby написал(а): Please don't top-post. On 10/24/14, 3:40 AM, Borodin Vladimir wrote: I have taken some backtraces (they are attached to the letter) of two processes with such command: pid=17981; while true; do date; gdb -batch -e