[PHP] Lost variables

2004-11-24 Thread Alberto Brea
Perhaps. I always use the same phrase to open up an array. foreach($myarray as $var=$val) { $$var= $val; } You can also nest it into another foreach statement to extract from an associative array. Alberto __ Renovamos el Correo

[PHP] Stop neurotic posting

2003-08-14 Thread Alberto Brea
of the main guidelines such as trying to put meaningful titles in the Subject, doing research before posting, reminding of the php.net manual and the url of the archives, and the like. I hope this helps Respectfully Alberto Brea http://estudiobrea.com -- PHP General Mailing List (http

[PHP] MSWord attachment with mail()

2003-06-24 Thread Alberto Brea
Dear list, What header must I use to send a MSWord attachment with mail()? I have looked it up in the manual and on php.net but cannot find it. Thanks anyone, Alberto Brea http://estudiobrea.com -- PHP General Mailing List (http://www.php.net/) To unsubscribe, visit: http://www.php.net

Re: [PHP] MSWord attachment with mail()

2003-06-24 Thread Alberto Brea
Thanks Chris, Dorgon and Esteban for putting me back on the track. - Original Message - From: Chris Hayes [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Alberto Brea [EMAIL PROTECTED]; [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2003 4:34 PM Subject: Re: [PHP] MSWord attachment with mail() At 22:57 24-6-2003

[PHP] Self-filling login form

2003-04-03 Thread Alberto Brea
enter your ID the password automatically fills in, giving free access to the unauthorized user. Does anybody know why this happens? Something in the php.ini or httpd.conf files perhaps? Thanks for any comment Alberto Brea -- PHP General Mailing List (http://www.php.net/) To unsubscribe, visit: http

[PHP] chill out

2003-04-03 Thread Alberto Brea
contributions very generous indeed, and I'm here to meet a group of programmers, not diplomats. Cheers Alberto Brea -- PHP General Mailing List (http://www.php.net/) To unsubscribe, visit: http://www.php.net/unsub.php

Re: [PHP] Re: Creating graphs with PHP?

2003-03-20 Thread Alberto Brea
the day, month or whatever corresponding to the relevant gif You can make it horizontal too. If you want a line graph, you make a second transparent gif, make this the variable-height image, and put the visible gif at the top, so you make the line. Hope this helps Alberto Brea http://estudiobrea.com

[PHP] Spaces collapsed in database

2003-02-28 Thread Alberto Brea
Hi, list I had certain information in a text file, which showed ok upon fopen() and parsing, but when I put it into a MySQL database, instead of echoing directly into the browser, the spaces in the strings collapsed, so that One Two Three became OneTwoThree in the database table. When I

[PHP] Passing emails to database

2003-02-19 Thread Alberto Brea
Hi, list Is there any way in PHP to pass the emails received automatically into a local MySQL database on the same machine (i.e. the fields datetime, from, to, message, subject, etc), without copying and pasting each message? Maybe by retrieving and parsing the Outlook Express files that keep

[PHP] Redirecting to PHP

2003-02-05 Thread Alberto Brea
Dear list, My home page is index.html, that doesn't run PHP. I also have index.php which shows the same content with PHP. Can I do to automatically redirect a visitor from index.html to index.php? TIA Alberto

[PHP] Tutorial needed

2003-01-29 Thread Alberto Brea
Does anybody know of an online tutorial explaining how to access ODBC databases with PHP? Thanks Alberto

[PHP] fwrite() debugging

2002-12-31 Thread Alberto Brea
:\archivos de programa\apache group\apache\htdocs\visitrep\report_options.inc on line 111 Thanks a lot in advance and happy new year! Alberto Brea http://estudiobrea.com

[PHP] Unable to set permissions

2002-12-26 Thread Alberto Brea
the screen just refuses to save the new settings. Could anybody tell me why is this? Thanks in advance and merry Xmas and new year to everyone. Alberto Brea

[PHP] fwrite()ing predefined variables

2002-12-10 Thread Alberto Brea
Hi, Could somebody please tell me why I can't print pre-defined variables to a file with fwrite()? The code I use is this: $filename = '../vlog.txt'; $fd= fopen($filename, 'a'); $a= date(YmdHi); $b= basename($PHP_SELF); $c= $HTTP_USER_AGENT; $d= $HTTP_HOST; $e= $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'];

Re: [PHP] fwrite()ing predefined variables

2002-12-10 Thread Alberto Brea
All these variables show on the browser quite well from a regular .php file, so they are still pre-defined, but I can't fprint() them to a text file.

[PHP] Get-type links won't complete querystring values

2002-12-04 Thread Alberto Brea
=navsectit=$mch=$lsec=$r); print($textos[$h]); print(/a - ); elseif($k==2): print($textos[$h]br); endif; endif; endforeach; ? Could anybody help? Thanks in advance Alberto Brea http://estudiobrea.com

[PHP] Keywords in includes

2002-11-22 Thread Alberto Brea
I am moving my website over to PHP but there are two things I'm not sure of. First: Do search engines find their keywords if they are in an include instead of the main PHP file? (strictly speaking, I think they are not really in the URL you gave them) In other words, does it read the source code

[PHP] php/mysql not mutually connected

2002-11-12 Thread Alberto Brea
I have php (as an apache module) and mysql up and running on Windows in the same computer, but they seem to be unconnected. How do I configure php.ini, my.ini, etc for a php script to find and query a database in the mysql server? Thanks for any help Alberto Brea