[PHP] Image Conversion...

2007-09-08 Thread Tony Di Croce
I need to convert (resize, and store as blob's in a mysql db) images my users can upload. I'm wondering what the best conversion tool is... I'm considering ImageMagick... Is this the best? Is their anything that is integrated with PHP itself? td

[PHP] Which CAPTCHA is the besta?

2007-08-16 Thread Tony Di Croce
I need a CAPTCHA script Which one is the best? (I dont mind if its somewhat difficult).

[PHP] Recursion and threaded message boards...

2007-08-10 Thread Tony Di Croce
I have to write some PHP backend code for a threaded message board. The db has a message table, and each message has a parent id. Does anyone have any advice for someone whos never done this in PHP? I'm currently thinking that I write function that takes a db row as an argument, and initially,

[PHP] Forwarding $_POST[]...

2007-08-09 Thread Tony Di Croce
I keep wanting to do something, and either I dont know how to do it, or I'm doing something wrong and need to rethink things. Quite often, I have a form that submits to a php script via POST and after doing some processing (or more frequently, asking the user a question), I'd like to forward

Re: [PHP] A no brainer...

2006-10-15 Thread Tony Di Croce
Wow... well, I was certainly not speaking from direct experience, only from what seemed to make sense to me. This tells me that their is some serious room for improvement in PHP de-serialization code... td Sorry Tony, I should have been more clear. I already know that storing session data

[PHP] A no brainer...

2006-10-13 Thread Tony Di Croce
Is their a slick way of automatically serializing Objects to the session when a script exit()'s and de-serialize them in session_start()? It seems to me that object oriented PHP might actually be useful if I could persist an object across an entire session, and come to think of it, their really

Re: [PHP] Re: Separate PHP Code From HTML || Pros Cons

2006-10-07 Thread Tony Di Croce
I dont think its so bad. What I do is keep the PHP and HTML seperate, but in the same file: php on top, html in a here document at the bottom. I COULD go one step farther and have the HTML in a seperate file, but I just dont see the point. td On 10/7/06, Thiago Silva [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[PHP] Coding Style Question...

2006-10-02 Thread Tony Di Croce
I am relatively new to PHP... I have about 1.5 years of light PHP work under my belt... Over the past year or so my PHP coding style has evolved significantly and I'm curious as to how experienced programmers write PHP... Basically, here is what I have evolved to: 1) ALL php code is at the top

Re: [PHP] moving file from one server to another

2006-09-30 Thread Tony Di Croce
How about nfs mounting a directory from the image server to a directory on the lamp server. This way, the files are never really on the LAMP server... td On 9/30/06, Nick Wilson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: * and then Google Kreme declared On 30 Sep 2006, at 03:29 , Nick Wilson wrote:

[PHP] POST on redirects?

2006-07-28 Thread Tony Di Croce
In a couple of my scripts, I do something like the following when I detect an improperly submitted form: **if( !valid_string( $_POST['firstname'] ) ) { $return_url = https://www.abc.com/checkout_phase1.php?error=FirstName Required; header( location: $return_url ); exit(0);

[PHP] Sorting users geographically...

2005-11-21 Thread Tony Di Croce
I'm helping a friend of mine build a matchmaking website, and we have a doozy of a problem to solve: What I need to do is two fold: #1 Collect whatever geographical information I need from each user to enable #2 #2 Be able to run query's to find people NEAR (geographically) another person. Does

Re: [PHP] Re: Session's across Domains...

2005-11-09 Thread Tony Di Croce
. . . On 11/9/05 10:10 AM, Tony Di Croce wrote: The reason I even wanted to do this had more to do with sharing some data between two sites, and less with really maintaining a login. It occured to me that I need not share sessions at all. Instead, all of the data B needs could simply

[PHP] A question...

2005-11-08 Thread Tony Di Croce
Are variables that are stored in the $_POST[] array ever communicated to the browser? Im using PHP sessions, and I store lots of variables in $_POST[]... If I use $_POST[] to communicate variables from 1 php script to another, is that insecure? -- for only the most hard core geekstas...

[PHP] Session's across Domains...

2005-11-08 Thread Tony Di Croce
I have a server with a few virtual hosts. All of my scripts use session_start(), and $_SESSION[] to share data between invocations of different scripts. The problem I'm having is that if a form on site A submits to a script on site B the values stashed in $_SESSION[] appear to be lost... Should

[PHP] [php] Chrooting php...

2005-05-13 Thread Tony Di Croce
I'm trying to fully chroot my server. Right now, I have Apache running in a chroot jail, and I need to get php5 working their too... Before I dive in, I thought I'd just ask if anyone here has any experience doing this...? Are their any known issues? Also, I was going to chroot my postgres db,

Re: [PHP] Storing CCN's Again...

2005-02-08 Thread Tony Di Croce
I AM going to accept CC's on my site. I am NOT going to store them anywhere... and I DO think the original question is valid. If a hacker is able to gain root access they may be able to obtain a CCN from memory on my server... Perhaps a hacker breaks into a number of sites and harvests 1 or 2

[PHP] phpBB alternatives?

2005-02-08 Thread Tony Di Croce
Due to the recent vulnerabilities discovered in phpBB and the content of this page: http://www.phpbb.com/ I have decided to consider other options for my forum needs... Does anyone have any reccomendations for a PHP based forum software? -- Send REAL USPS letters from the Web!

[PHP] Storing CCN's Again...

2005-02-07 Thread Tony Di Croce
First I should say that I have NO plans to store CCN's on my site, but I do have a related question: Right now I accept CC info from a posted form and then from a PHP script submit that to authorize.net... Is their any way to get PHP to clean up any remnants of any variables that might be in

Re: [PHP] Connecting To Multiple MySQL Databases

2005-02-05 Thread Tony Di Croce
OK... Here's a slightly different, but related question... Can database connection resources be serialiazed and re-used in a different script invocation? For example, can I open a DB connection, assign it to a $_SESSION[] variable and then later use it on a different page? Somehow, I doubt it...

[PHP] Is this even possible?

2005-01-22 Thread Tony Di Croce
Is it even possible to connect to a postgres server (thats running on linux) from a windows CLI php script? I'm seeing a pg_connect() error... FATAL: no pg_hba.conf entry for host Any ideas? -- td -- PHP General Mailing List (http://www.php.net/) To unsubscribe, visit:

[PHP] How to argue with ASP people...

2004-12-30 Thread Tony Di Croce
I am fairly new to PHP, but I am loving it... I have recently gotten involved in a business venture and I have been using PHP so far... Recently I have taken on a partner, and he is a big ASP guy... I am not totally against ASP, but it would have to be pretty good to get me to switch at this


2004-12-29 Thread Tony Di Croce
I am relatively new to web development, but I have been a C/C++ programmer now for about 9 years... So far, I really love PHP... It just makes web development so much more convenient... But I sometimes wonder why so much server side work is done with intrpreted scripting languages... Why haven't

[PHP] session newbyness...

2004-12-13 Thread Tony Di Croce
I just started using PHP a week or so ago... And everything is coming along great... But I have some general question about sessions... Actually, about PHP's built in session support. Do I need to call session_start() in every script that needs access to $_SESSION[]? Would it cause any problems