Re: [PHP] How to assign eval() to variable?

2009-05-23 Thread oorza2k5
short hack, assuming your eval echo's out to the browser (which I can't see how else you'd expect something to 'return' from an eval'd statement ob_start(); eval($foo); $result = ob_get_clean(); On May 23, 2009 1:46am, Afan Pasalic wrote: hi, I have on one website boxes with

Re: Re: [PHP] change server time

2009-05-24 Thread oorza2k5
In windows? I have no idea. I use linux for my server stacks. You'll have to ask Dr. Google! I'd expect it's just like with normal windows, in the date properties in the control panel. On May 24, 2009 11:44pm, Sumit Sharma wrote: That's great but how to do this?

Re: Re: [PHP] Re: PHP, OOP and AJAX

2009-05-28 Thread oorza2k5
Two things: 1. Try using the fully qualified path (ie /var/www/foo/bar.php instead of foo/bar.php) 2. Look at setting up autoloading so you don't need to manually include anyway. If you're going OOP, autoloading is a must! On May 28, 2009 8:49am, kranthi wrote: i

Re: Re: [PHP] Re: PHP vs ASP.NET

2009-06-01 Thread oorza2k5
oh, yep, it's back! :] On Jun 1, 2009 7:50pm, Daniel Brown wrote: On Mon, Jun 1, 2009 at 17:44, Eddie Drapkin wrote: Completely off topic, but is down or buggered or something! Looks like a squatter to me . Looks fine to me,