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2001-11-24 Thread Boris_Lipner
Dear Sirs, For some technical reasons we have partially lost our Data Bank of art galleries. Please, write the address of your website, so that we could continue our cooperation. Our site is http://www.gallery-a.ru/ -- Best regards, Boris_Lipner mailto:[EMAIL

[PHP] R: JavaScript, PHP cooperation.

2001-09-10 Thread ---
yes, you can popup a html form with target = _parent, like this: First page: form select name=xxx option1/option option2/option ?php session_start(); if (isset($opt)) $opts[] = $opt; session_register(opts); foreach ($opts as $opt) print option.$opt./option; ? /select a

[PHP] JavaScript, PHP cooperation.

2001-09-09 Thread Alexander Deruwe
Hewwo, When selecting a value from a combobox, I always have a link that allows adding a record to the table the combobox pulls it's data from. Here is my problem: Is it possible in any way to window.open() a popup window (JavaScript), fill in a record, add it to the database (PHP) and then