Re: [Potlatch-dev] State of play

2012-03-10 Thread Steve Bennett
On Sat, Mar 10, 2012 at 6:41 PM, Tom Hughes wrote:
 I would just delete them once they aren't needed anymore.

Delete them locally, you mean? Do you then need to push the deletion?


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Re: [Potlatch-dev] State of play

2012-03-09 Thread Tom Hughes

On 10/03/12 03:08, Steve Bennett wrote:

One thing I'm not sure about in this whole approach is what you're
supposed to do with the zillions of branches you end up creating.
Assuming that the pull requests all get accepted, am I then supposed
to delete or archive these old branches? Seems like even more
overhead, especially for tiny fixes...

I would just delete them once they aren't needed anymore. I see bad news in
Am I right in saying that systemed is actually *behind* openstreetmap?
So all my new branches are actually not based off the latest master at

Doesn't look that way to me - systemed is about 5 commits ahead.


Tom Hughes (

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Re: [Potlatch-dev] State of play

2012-03-05 Thread Andy Allan
On 5 March 2012 04:01, Steve Bennett wrote:

 undo on creating way fix,

 Definitely worthy of review - it's totally possible that I broke
 something else. Anyone else want to have a look at it? I guess we
 don't have any tests?

We don't have any tests that cover starting drawing a new way.

I'd absolutely love to have tests that cover all the Actions though -
it's so important not to mess up the data in some subtle way while
refactoring. After that, we can test whether pressing the buttons
has the desired effects.

There are some very basic Action tests at
already, but to say they are very basic is slightly overselling
them! We're also lacking tests on most of the Entity functionality


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Re: [Potlatch-dev] State of play

2012-03-04 Thread Richard Fairhurst

Current most obvious bug that I can see is that (in en-GB at least) the
dreaded [object Object] is back on the GPS menu.

Oh, and landuse=cemetery renders as a black opaque area. Appropriate I 
guess but probably not great for editing. :)


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