Re: Proposal Virtual Reality View Lock Spec

2014-03-26 Thread Rob Manson
Hi, we've already implemented an open source library that integrates WebGL, WebAudio, DeviceOrientation and gUM to create an easy to use VR/AR framework that runs on Rift, Glass, mobile, tablet, pc, etc. Here's an overview of our API.

Re: New manifest spec - ready for FPWD?

2013-11-26 Thread Rob Manson
That's a great overview! There's 2 points I think haven't fully been addressed. 1. Section 8. Navigation Much of this work (and HTML5 in general) is about bringing the Web Platform up to being equal with native apps. But one thing that the Web does that native apps can't do is deep linking

Re: CfC: publish WD of Streams API; deadline Nov 3

2013-10-31 Thread Rob Manson
Along with WebSockets as Aymeric mentioned...WebRTC DataChannels are also missing. And I think Aymeric's point about MediaStream is important too...but there is very strong push-back from within the Media Capture Streams TF that they don't think this is relevant 8/ Also, here's a couple of

Re: CfC: publish WD of Streams API; deadline Nov 3

2013-10-31 Thread Rob Manson
Sounds good. Thanks. roBman On 1/11/13 4:43 PM, Feras Moussa wrote: Yes, WebSockets was missing - I've gone ahead and updated the spec to include it. Thanks for sharing the links, the content is well thought out. In particular, your diagram does a good job summarizing some of the key

Re: [XHR] Setting the User-Agent header

2012-09-04 Thread Rob Manson
+1 roBman On Wed, 5 Sep 2012 14:03:35 +1000 Mark Nottingham wrote: The current draft of XHR2 doesn't allow clients to set the UA header. That's unfortunate, because part of the intent of the UA header is to identify the software making the request, for debugging / tracing

Re: [whatwg] File API Streaming Blobs

2011-08-08 Thread Rob Manson
Sorry to jump in the middle of your discussion but after reading Eric's questions e.g. I haven't fully absorbed the MediaStream API, but perhaps it would be more natural to make a connector in that API rather than modifying Blob? I think this use case also applies