[qubes-users] Re: kali failing to start as a HVM (bootable iso)

2017-07-05 Thread andresmrm
cubit 13/01/2017 20:31:05 UTC-2: > I'm trying to run the kali iso as a HVM but when running qvm-start in dom0  > it just fails with the errors below.  The template being used is a standalone > HVM. Can anyone have pointers on how to work this? > > $ qvm-start kali --cdrom

[qubes-users] [Arch Linux] qubes-usb-proxy

2017-03-26 Thread andresmrm
Hi! It seems the Arch Linux Template doesn't come with qubes-usb-proxy. I couldn't find it using pacman/yaourt neither. So I copied the files manually from the repository and it worked. https://github.com/QubesOS/qubes-app-linux-usb-proxy Is there a package for it somewhere? Should I make one

[qubes-users] Safely use USB keyboard and untrusted USB devices with only 1 USB controller?

2017-03-19 Thread andresmrm
Hi! I use an external keyboard and mouse, both currently connected to dom0. After reading the USB doc I wanted to add an USB qube so I could "safely" connect other devices (like untrusted pendrives, and my smartphone to an adb qube). Since untrusted devices will connected to this USB qube, it

[qubes-users] [Arch Linux + i3] High CPU usage after closing windows

2017-03-19 Thread andresmrm
Hello! When I close all terminals from a VM, CPU usage for that VM goes to around 50% (shown by Qubes Manager) and stays there until I open another terminal to the same VM. The problem only happens if I close the terminal using Ctrl+d, not if I kill the window using i3. This happens both with

[qubes-users] Re: Kicking the sudoers dead horse

2017-03-10 Thread andresmrm
Hello! The "open" root behavior seems a little strange to me too. But, thinking coldly, what would change in your scenario if root was protected? The attacker would not be able to modify /usr/bin/audacious, or install muhbackdoorz to system. But she/he could still delete all your home data, or

[qubes-users] Mount different folders on same partition to different AppVMs?

2017-03-10 Thread andresmrm
Hello! I think the answer will be no, but I want be sure before splitting my files into multiple partitions... Is it possible to mount folders on the same partition to multiple AppVMs preserving isolation? I have an external HDD with many files, on the same partition. Now, migrating to Qubes,

Re: [qubes-users] Re: Archlinux Community Template Qubes OS 3.2

2017-03-09 Thread andresmrm
lines that I would like to share. Maybe they can be usefull to someone else: https://github.com/andresmrm/qubes_archlinux_custom_install/blob/master/custom_install.sh Basically it downloads/builds packages to a custom folder and then symlinks the files to system folders. The later step needs

[qubes-users] Re: Archlinux Community Template Qubes OS 3.2

2017-03-05 Thread andresmrm
Hi! I saw in the repository some files about an Arch Linux Minimal template: https://github.com/QubesOS/qubes-builder-archlinux/blob/master/scripts/packages_minimal.list How should we install it? Must we build it? I tried to install "qubes-template-archlinux-minimal", but it can't be found.