Site-upgrade error

2012-04-16 Thread Viktor Jozsa
Hi! The following errors found during the site upgrade: (upgrade to 1.6.5) Rebuilding directory structure Updating database. This may take a while. Creating tables ... /etc/host.conf: line 2: bad command `SNMPSERVER=-YES-' There are unapplied evolutions for accounts. There are unapplied

Re: Site-upgrade error

2012-04-16 Thread Christian Hammond
That looks like some data corruption in your database. The serialized data describing your database schema is either corrupted or can't fully be read. What database are you using? Do you have a backup? Christian On Apr 16, 2012, at 3:57, Viktor Jozsa wrote: Hi!

Using Multiple P4 Repositories

2012-04-16 Thread TheComebackKid
Hello, We are using Review Board with P4. We had one P4 repository set-up on our Review Board server and it was working great. Today I added a second P4 Repository and now when we do a post review from the original repository we get an error: STATUS: 09:47:56 True STATUS: 09:47:56 Traceback

Converting from utf8 to ISO_8859_8

2012-04-16 Thread Craig Thomasson
Hi all, When our ReviewBoard site was originally installed, it was setup with utf8 as the default charset. I would like to convert it to use an extended charset like ISO_8859_8 so that we don't get errors when trying to add cut-n-paste comments from apps that embed extended chars. Is there an

Re: Using Multiple P4 Repositories

2012-04-16 Thread Christian Hammond
None of this looks to be Review Board code. I know for certain that post-review (ours, not yours) and Review Board itself are used in places with over 20 P4 repositories. You'll have to talk to whoever wrote this script you're using. Christian -- Christian Hammond - Review

Re: Using Multiple P4 Repositories

2012-04-16 Thread TheComebackKid
Hi Christian, Thanks for responding. I ended up finding my problem. I was using P4Win instead of P4V, which does not happen to like our script we use. I wasn't aware that the script was not ReviewBoard code. I will be asking the person who set up the ReviewBoard to show me exactly who it works.

Reviewboard Intellij Idea plugin

2012-04-16 Thread Yusup Ashrap
I know there is an eclipse plugin of RB. but does RB have plugin for Intellij Idea ?or any future release plans for Intellij Idea plugin? regards -- Want to help the Review Board project? Donate today at Happy user? Let us know at

Re: Reviewboard Intellij Idea plugin

2012-04-16 Thread Christian Hammond
Hi, I have no idea what the state is, but there is this: We don't have the time or resources to build IDE plugins, so it's generally left to third parties who have a vested interest in them. Christian -- Christian Hammond -

Issue 2573 in reviewboard: Diffs not displayed when first diff on page fails to apply

2012-04-16 Thread reviewboard
Status: New Owner: Labels: Type-Defect Priority-Medium New issue 2573 by Diffs not displayed when first diff on page fails to apply * NOTE: Do not post confidential information in this bug report. * *

Re: Issue 2574 in reviewboard: not a bug

2012-04-16 Thread reviewboard
Comment #4 on issue 2574 by not a bug Not that I know of. This issue tracker is for keeping track of open bugs. The mailing lists are the best place for asking questions. -- You received this message because you