Re: [Rosegarden-user] LV2... Why?

2020-03-14 Thread Michael N. Moran


In the spirit of use-cases, I'll chime-in.

I'm an occasional/casual user of Rosegarden and have been 
for many years.

I'm a very amateur guitar player and member of a church choir.

My most common use-case is that of trying to learn a 
particular vocal part (e.g. tenor) by listening to it over 
and over.

In this case, I will receive an octavo from the choir 
director and enter the part using the notation editor, and 
then play it back using a synth (e.g. fluidsynth).

Although the notation entry can be painfully slow, using 
Rosegarden has taught me a great deal about the intricacies 
of music notation. Thanks for that!

After using the notation editor to enter individual parts, I 
will sometimes use Ardour to create audio files which I then 
write a to CD-ROM for individual SATB parts for distribution 
to other choir members.

All this while using my beloved Linux machines that are the 
basis for my embedded-systems programming livelihood.

Thank you to all of the Rosegarden developers for your 

- mike

On 3/14/20 4:31 AM, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:

Hi all,

I think it's really interesting to learn about people's 
different workflows, especially in more professional 
settings like in this case.

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Re: [Rosegarden-user] The future of Linux sure looks bleak...

2012-08-30 Thread Michael N. Moran
On 08/30/2012 11:52 AM, S. Christian Collins wrote:
 FWIW, I have been using Thunderbird for years as my e-mail client of
 choice, and it has never let me down.  I've got seven e-mail accounts
 coming into it, using Lightning for my calendar (synced up with multiple
 Google calendars).  I've got tons of stored e-mails all the way back to
 1999 and all of this running off of an encrypted flash drive so I can
 move it between my PC and my laptop.  Thunderbird may look kinda ugly in
 KDE compared to Kmail, but it's all about the functionality for me.

I hate to waste bandwidth and mindshare but... I agree with 
Mr. Collins.

I've been using Thunderbird (and whatever its predecessors 
were called)
since 1998 (one up ;) and it's always been able to keep up 
with my old
e-mail archives and ... I save everything but spam.

Ugly? Maybe. But I'm always distraught when I use other 
e-mail clients that
seem to want to simplify my life too much.

just sayin'

I wish I had more time to use Rosegarden, but it's a great 
app for a musical
amateur such as myself.

Michael N. Moran   (h) 770 516 7918
5009 Old Field Ct. (c) 678 521 5460
Kennesaw, GA, USA 30144

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