Re: [rt-users] Show recipient on ticket update - not working

2015-03-09 Thread Guadagnino Cristiano
Thank you Marcos, that was exactly the problem! I completely forgot it, but now I see that I put a note in my customized On correspondence notify Requestor and CC scrip, that reads: TransactionBatch is needed otherwise messages will be sent out twice. I do not remember it this is something

Re: [rt-users] script to check out if max attachment size is reached

2015-03-09 Thread Loïc Cadoret
Alex, Thank you for your answer. I forgot to tell you that we are running the 3.8.11 version of RT (our dev team is working on an upgrade but it's going to take time and we cannot afford to wait for the migration...). So do you think that a script would be possible ? Thanks for your time,