Re: [rt-users] constantly seeing error after RT::Extension::Announce

2016-12-16 Thread Todd Wade
On 12/16/16 3:57 PM, Alex Hall wrote: Ever since I installed the RT::Extension::Announce plugin, I've seen an error repeated over and over in the log (hundreds of times). It's always the same: couldn't load custom field by 'announcement groups' identifier Hi Alex, This sounds like you missed

Re: [rt-users] applying script to single queue

2016-10-28 Thread Todd Wade
On 10/26/16 12:51 PM, Alex Hall wrote: After everything I've learned about RT, I feel like I should know this without even having to think about it, but I don't. How do I apply a script to a single queue, so I can take a seldom-used queue and test out new templates? I've gone to the queue, then

Re: [rt-users] Pushing Tickets in queue the "pusher" is not a member of?

2016-09-27 Thread Todd Wade
On 9/26/16 12:02 PM, Patrick G. Stoesser wrote: I'm using RT 4.2.8. I'm having several queues for several departments. Now, tickets have to be pushed into other queues where then the according department works on them. But the "pusher" should not be a member of the queue, and he should not even

Re: [rt-users] Some users getting CSRF warnings when creating tickets?

2016-09-27 Thread Todd Wade
On 9/27/16 9:17 AM, Alex Hall wrote: That makes me wonder: would having two subdomains do it? I have and both going to the same thing, but is the actual domain in the configuration files. Yes this would do it. There is a config option to allow

Re: [rt-users] Escaping '<' and '>' in comments/replies and canned responses.

2016-06-10 Thread Todd Wade
On 6/7/16 3:05 PM, Barton Chittenden wrote: Any further thoughts on this? I'm trying to create canned responses that involve changes to XML configuration files, and all of the tags end up empty. What version are you on? I just pasted some xml in to the ticket content field, created the

Re: [rt-users] Centos 7 - Forbidden, You don't have permission to access /rt4 on this server

2016-04-21 Thread Todd Wade
Hello, @Martin provided some advice that needs followed, but here is some additional info as well: On 4/21/16 6:28 AM, Yanni wrote: Under the apache section it talks about "mod_fastcgi" and "mod_fcgid". Do I have these modules? As you are on CentOS 7, you can use yum to find out. This

Re: [rt-users] RT 4.4 failing to send CC emails

2016-04-19 Thread Todd Wade
On 4/19/16 7:34 AM, Luke Hopkins wrote: Apr 19 11:21:34 rt_test sendmail[42]: u3JBLYOs42: u3JBLYOt42: DSN: "OtherRecipients of xx Ticket #402":;... List:; syntax illegal for recipient addresses Are you setting $UseFriendlyToLine? Can you confirm its value via Admin > Tools >

Re: [rt-users] RT 4.4 failing to send CC emails

2016-04-18 Thread Todd Wade
On 4/18/16 9:40 AM, Luke Hopkins wrote: I'm running RT 4.4 and for some reason whenever I add a one-time cc to a ticket I get the following error appearing on the ticket: The RT System itself- Sending the previous mail has failed. Please contact your admin, they can find more details in the

Re: [rt-users] Onetime CC are giving an internal error

2016-04-09 Thread Todd Wade
On 4/7/16 8:50 AM, Joop wrote: like an URL encoded block of text which is 8000 chars. Shouldn't PreviewScrips use POST instead of GET because of the possible large amount of text? Yeah it looks like that should POST. I put in a pull request for this:

Re: [rt-users] Automatically adding CC from mails to Watchers/CC in ticket

2015-11-03 Thread Todd Wade
On 11/2/15 6:01 AM, Primoz Jeroncic wrote: Now if I want replies to go automatically to requestor (to his personal mail, from which they opened ticket) and also to their group mail, I need to add this group mail under each ticket (People->Add new watchers) by hand. As this is time consuming, and

Re: [rt-users] Group rights

2015-11-03 Thread Todd Wade
On 10/20/15 6:45 AM, Kobus Bensch wrote: I have now tried every setting possible. How do I give a group permissions to see all the tickets in a particular queue, even if the ticket owner has been changed to a person not in that group? Theres no way to say "If a user is an owner of a ticket in

Re: [rt-users] fail to upgrade with sql syntax error 'ARRAY()'

2015-11-03 Thread Todd Wade
Hello, This looks like make upgrade-database is being ran with an old DBIx::SearchBuilder. Perhaps recheck the output of 'make testdeps' and if it reports issues run 'make fixdeps'? Regards, On 11/1/15 11:51 PM, Yaobin Shi wrote: We are using RT as one internal project, thanks for your

Re: [rt-users] RT Not Sending Autoreply E-Mails On Ticket Creation Via E-Mail

2015-09-24 Thread Todd Wade
On 9/23/15 2:01 PM, Tim Gustafson wrote: I have an RT 4.2.11 instance that is not sending autoreply messages when tickets are created via e-mail. If you create a ticket on behalf of a user through the web form, an autoreply is sent. It's only when a ticket is created via e-mail that an

Re: [rt-users] Custom Role in RT4.2.8

2015-09-19 Thread Todd Wade
On 9/19/15 1:16 PM, Gnemsid wrote: I've had a look at the wiki and the documentation and from what I can tell it is possible to add custom roles to RT. Unfortunately I'm not sure where to start when it comes to creating them. I'm would like to add a custom role similar to Admin CC and CC where

Re: [rt-users] RT Approvals

2015-09-18 Thread Todd Wade
On 9/11/15 9:47 AM, Kobus Bensch wrote: I have setup approvals following this doc: I would like to setup multiple approvers based on a value in a custom field. Is this possible and if so can anybody point me in the right

Re: [rt-users] Migration from MySQL to PostreSQL - corrupt characters (german umlaut)

2015-09-18 Thread Todd Wade
On 9/17/15 8:12 AM, Maik Nergert wrote: Hexcode from ü → c3 bc is encoded again to → c3 83 (Ã) and c2 bc (¼) ( First I've upgraded RT from 3.8 to 4.2 with mysql db (utf8) and everything went smoothly. Can you confirm that the umlaut can be sucessfully added

Re: [rt-users] Error in Dashboard.

2015-07-22 Thread Todd Wade
On 7/22/15 11:24 AM, Bryon Baker wrote: Bumping this to see if I can get some direction? Hi Bryon, perhaps you missed my reply? Here it is: On 7/11/15 1:52 PM, Todd Wade wrote: On 7/9/15 4:00 PM, Bryon Baker wrote: I already disable all dashboard for group 44. How did you do this? How

Re: [rt-users] Customizing with overlays, question about file path

2015-07-20 Thread Todd Wade
On 7/16/15 10:46 PM, Roman Massey wrote: I have an easy question. Where do I create the “local” dir to put overlays? Confused because there is the path /usr/src/rt-4.2.9/ but also /opt/rt4/. Do I make /usr/src/rt-4.2.9/local/? or /opt/rt4/local/? The latter, /opt/rt4/local /usr/src/rt-4.2.9

Re: [rt-users] Edit User Information without Admin rights

2015-07-11 Thread Todd Wade
On 7/10/15 1:06 PM, maks wrote: I am wondering how you handle customer user creation and editing. Upon creating a ticket with a new requester email a user is created however non admin staff accounts cannot edit the Real Name, Email Address, or Name fields for the new customer. If I log in under

Re: [rt-users] Error in Dashboard.

2015-07-11 Thread Todd Wade
Hello, On 7/9/15 4:00 PM, Bryon Baker wrote: I already disable all dashboard for group 44. How did you do this? How can I track down which dashboard is producing this error? Failed to load dashboard 757: Could not load object for RT::Group-44 Its going to be an attribute record with id

Re: [rt-users] Filtering email using MailFrom plugin

2015-07-11 Thread Todd Wade
On 7/11/15 11:50 AM, Ashish Patil wrote: I get a lot of notifications from root@localhost to the email account that has been configured. I wish to move these emails to a different queue. The way I tried to do it is by modifying the MailFrom plugin to pattern match the sender and change the

Re: [rt-users] FW: [rt-devel] Issue with setting Custom Statuses, Added statuses do not see any other statuses.

2015-07-09 Thread Todd Wade
On 7/9/15 10:49 AM, Ashley Etherington wrote: My perl is not great so I was unsure how/if I could put spaces in the Hash's key so I named them just a shorter variant of the status. You'll need to quote the values. So: active = [ ...'Awaiting Collection'... ], ... transitions = {

Re: [rt-users] AD integration for external auth

2015-07-08 Thread Todd Wade
On 7/7/15 4:50 PM, Yan Seiner wrote: But the way ExternalAuth is set up, I have to provide the ldap userid and password, which in our system would be a real user. 'user' = 'rt_ldap_username', 'pass' = 'rt_ldap_password', Is

Re: [rt-users] new RT 4.2.x install on Ubuntu 14.04 with nginx

2015-07-08 Thread Todd Wade
On 7/8/15 6:41 AM, Andrei Gronski wrote: Currently I have some issues with getting nginx running with pearl cri. Most of the walkthrough I could find describe the installation with apache. The deployment guide covers nginx:

Re: [rt-users] Possible to manually initiate templates (emails) from within a scip action?

2015-07-08 Thread Todd Wade
What I would probably do for this is in the scrip action create a ticket in a different queue for each user with that condition. This will send them an autoreply. To make sure you don't send out duplicates you could check for a ticket in that queue with that requestor before creating the

Re: [rt-users] Notification sent to requestor even when squelched

2015-06-22 Thread Todd Wade
On 6/22/15 1:10 PM, Marcos Orallo wrote: It's a big problem for us if we cannot fully trust the platform to not spread confidential information to unintended recipients. Along with Alex's suggestions / questions, it sounds like this workflow would benefit from the comment functionality.

Re: [rt-users] RT 4.2.10 crash

2015-06-16 Thread Todd Wade
On 6/16/15 10:57 AM, Guadagnino Cristiano wrote: unfortunately, even after completely fixing the db with rt-validator, I still have the same problem with approvals. I am at a loss, if anybody has something to contribute it would be very appreciated. Can you confirm that the Approvals

Re: [rt-users] Installation Question

2015-06-16 Thread Todd Wade
On 6/16/15 8:55 PM, Barrett, Brian wrote: Working on setup RT on Red Hat. My question is what are the best repos to use for Red Hat 6.6 and or Red Hat 7. Seen some people use epe other have used the centos. Do you mean 'EPEL' ( ? EPEL is a set of extra

Re: [rt-users] RT 4.2.10 crash

2015-06-10 Thread Todd Wade
On 6/4/15 4:32 AM, Guadagnino Cristiano wrote: I have recently implemented approvals for one queue in our RT (v4.2.10). I am experiencing a crash, and I cannot find the reason for it. As soon as the approver approves a ticket, he gets an error message (see attached image001.png). The log is

Re: [rt-users] Send dashboard to members of a group

2015-05-29 Thread Todd Wade
On 5/29/15 3:39 AM, wrote: I have a dashboard which I want to send to all members of a specified group. What would be the best way to do this? Is there a way to force all users to subscribe this dashboard? Or is there a way through rt-crontool? You can use group

Re: [rt-users] RT- unable to fetch emails from our office 365 account.

2015-05-29 Thread Todd Wade
On 5/29/15 8:12 AM, Rohit Gupta wrote: 2) but I am unable to fetch any emails from our office 365 account and the fetchmail.log is showing the following error message (snapshot attached) 500 Can't connect to

Re: [rt-users] How Can I Grow A Set Of Users

2015-05-27 Thread Todd Wade
On 5/26/15 12:08 PM, Al Joslin wrote: I need to assemble a set of users from a list of user Ids # gives me a list of _all_ the users $users = RT::Users-new($session{'CurrentUser'}); # how can I add User elements to the User list ? This script worked for me, outputs the Name field for each

Re: [rt-users] mail solutions

2015-05-26 Thread Todd Wade
On 5/26/15 2:18 PM, Terry O'Leary wrote: We have 14 different queues so using fetchmail to manage the email accounts is useful for us. But that is where the problem lies as well I think. Fetchmail doesn’t seem to be deleting the email from the inbox consistently... (I have running in a crontab

Re: [rt-users] Projects grouping

2015-05-23 Thread Todd Wade
Would a gantt chart do? There's RT::Extension::JSGantt: I think its better than Jira's projects page because that page is Jira is too noisy. There is a screen grab on bps' extensions page: And

Re: [rt-users] Disable autocreate watchers

2015-05-21 Thread Todd Wade
On 5/20/15 3:26 PM, Murillo Azambuja Gonçalves wrote: I'd like to disable the auto-creation of users when added as watchers. Is this possible? Unfortunately no. Watchers are group members of the given group type on the ticket and require a user record to be a member of that watcher type.

Re: [rt-users] Admin - Users - Select is VERY slow to load.

2015-05-21 Thread Todd Wade
On 5/17/15 11:13 PM, hydn wrote: I've just install RT and added only 6 users. I clicked to view users from root account: Admin - Users - Select Once clicking Select it take about 25-30 seconds for that page to load. ALL other pages load almost instantly. This is still default setup. Is there

Re: [rt-users] Upgraded 4.0.0 with RTFM 2.0 to RT 4.2 - can RTFM be removed?

2015-05-21 Thread Todd Wade
On 5/19/15 11:07 AM, Giuseppe Sollazzo wrote: Ok, I got it working. The Content is actually a custom field that needs to be configured. It's reported at Can I recommend a link to this is added to the

[rt-users] [rt-announce] RT 4.2.11 released

2015-05-07 Thread Todd Wade
RT 4.2.11 -- 2015-05-07 -- RT 4.2.11 is now available. SHA1 sums c40063b4265a983343804f2056b22964a8ba7be9 rt-4.2.11.tar.gz

Re: [rt-users] Issue Upgrading from 3.8.8

2015-05-01 Thread Todd Wade
On 5/1/15 7:15 AM, II GG wrote: After importing the MySQL database data from the old server I used the rt-setup-database script. This errors: [1324] [Fri May 1 10:45:28 2015] [warning]: Resolver RT::URI::fsck_com_rt could not parse, maybe Organization config was

Re: [rt-users] newbie rt admin question

2015-04-10 Thread Todd Wade
On 4/10/15 5:07 PM, Karres, Dean wrote: I have a few queues setup. I have the “SelfService” web interface setup. I can login as an Unprivileged user and create a ticket. I can send email and create a ticket. I can not as the unPriv user, SEE my created ticket in self service mode. Exactly