[rt-users] RT with Long email

2016-03-11 Thread wajdi
Hi, I have RT4.2.12 running successfully with incoming and outgoing email. But when I have more reply in the email (Ticket) it doesn't be displayed in RT and I have this message "The body of the message is not displayed because it is too long" Please help me Thanks a lot. - RT

[rt-users] rt SelfService

2016-02-18 Thread wajdi
Hi, I have rt4.2.12 working fine in my society and I have my group. I want that every one of my group be responsible of ech queue so I want that every user see all the tickets of the queue under his responsibility when he logged in in the SelfService. Please help me - RT 4.4 and

[rt-users] auto-generated random pronounceable password

2016-01-26 Thread wajdi
Here the code of the template "Autoreply" Subject: AutoReply: {$Ticket->Subject} Greetings, This message has been automatically generated in response to the creation of a helpdesk call: "{$Ticket->Subject()}", a summary of which appears below. There is no

[rt-users] RT SelfService

2016-01-21 Thread wajdi
Hello, In Use of the SelfService interface can create a user with password manually without automatic generation of password? If yes how can I do it ? Thank you for all

[rt-users] Autoreply with password

2016-01-19 Thread wajdi
When i configure my templaite to autoreply when create a ticket it's ok but the autoreply comme in the subject of the email not in the body please what can I do this (the text come in the body of the email). Notice : here the code of auto reply Subject: AutoReply: {$Ticket->Subject}

[rt-users] Password root

2016-01-18 Thread wajdi
Hello, How can i change the root password Notice : the root password by default is set 'password' thanks

[rt-users] Attaque de type CSRF possible

2016-01-13 Thread wajdi
Hi, Attaque de type CSRF possible RT a détecté qu'une attaque de type CSRF était possible pour cette requête, en raison de L'en-tête "Referrer" envoyée par votre navigateur (x.x.x.x:80) n'est pas autorisé par la configuration de RT ( Un attaquant malicieux et peut-être en train

[rt-users] Problem with postfix please help me

2015-12-17 Thread wajdi
I have rt-4.2.12 installed with postfix and fetchmail for outbound and inbound mail all of there work fine. But the two last days postfix stop sending mail . Notice that postfix was installed with a smtp.gmail.com as a relayhost and when I send a mail I obtain in /var/log/mail.log"connect to

[rt-users] RT::Extension::MobileUI +rt-4.2.12

2015-11-20 Thread wajdi
Hello, How can i access to my rt-4.2.12 with mobile interface? With rt-4.0 or greater we have RT::Extension::MobileUI but with rt-4.2.12 I don't know. Please help me thanks

[rt-users] chart problem

2015-10-27 Thread wajdi
Hii all, I am a new user of request tracher 4.0.19. I installed it in ubuntu 14.04 and it work successfully but the problem is when I try to chart the search result I obtain an icon( despite that I make in my RT_SiteConfig.pm : set($DiasableGD, '0');). Please help me thanks