Re: [rt-users] [rt-announce] New site for the RT Wiki

2016-06-24 Thread Jim Brandt
Hi Cris, I enabled file uploads, so you can now upload images. Let me know if you need a file format not allowed. We also had a suggestion to add the syntax highlighting extension, so I have installed that. You can see an example here:

Re: [rt-users] Ticket detail is not shown when create new ticket

2016-06-24 Thread Dustin Graves
Hi Sharizan, This looks like you have the RT 4.2.x version cached in your web browser. If you do a hard reset to clear your cache and refresh it should work. Thank you, Dustin > On Jun 24, 2016, at 8:09 AM, Sharizan Sumuui wrote: > > Hi, > > I have newly installed

[rt-users] Ticket detail is not shown when create new ticket

2016-06-24 Thread Sharizan Sumuui
Hi, I have newly installed RT4.4.0 but text field for ticket detail is not appearing when I create new ticket. Appreciate your expert advice on this abnormality. Thank you Regards, Sharizan Sumuui - RT 4.4 and RTIR Training Sessions * Los Angeles -

Re: [rt-users] Re-Display Ticket with added warning if owner changed during responding

2016-06-24 Thread Jim Brandt
On 6/23/16 8:19 AM, David Schmidt wrote: Hello In case someone takes the ticket ownership wile I am composing a response I would like to redisplay the ticket (the submitted response shouldnt be deleted) and add a warning informing the user about the change in ownership. I guess this is the

Re: [rt-users] Getting CurrentUser reference in Users overlay file

2016-06-24 Thread aniket tripathy
My bad, in the above script, the $self was holding the 1st argument, rather than the reference of RT::Users class. The original subroutine returns the ref of RT::Users. As per the documentation of Hook::Lexwrap, the returned value from the original subroutine should be accessible from the post

Re: [rt-users] Anyone know how to create a clickable link like this?

2016-06-24 Thread Mike Johnson
Hmm, If it's trying to use a script tag... I'm guessing the emails being sent must be sent as HTML? i'm going to have to give this a try... much appreciated Dustin! On Fri, Jun 17, 2016 at 11:41 AM, Dustin Graves wrote: > Hi Mike, > > This is a pretty neat idea. I