Re: [rt-users] MySQL backups of RT 4.4.1 truncated

2017-01-31 Thread Thomas Bätzler
Hi Stephen, > It's fixed!!! Recap: large RT database (host Ubuntu 14.04LTS, database server > MySQL 5.7.x on Windows Server 2012). Backup .sql files became truncated at > ~18GB when the database is easily 20GB. Good to hear. Does your my.cnf file not have a "[mysqldump]" section? That's where

Re: [rt-users] Changing default format of ticket list in queue?

2017-01-31 Thread Marcos Orallo via rt-users
--- Begin Message --- Hi Alex, I didn't check it in depth, but you may be interested in customizing this Element using the "local" folder. Also, for the links in the QueueList portlet in the dashboards, there

[rt-users] Best way to avoid sending large attachments via email

2017-01-31 Thread Jason Foster
I've run into a issue (on RT 4.2.9) where an overly large attachment will cause my (OS X Sierra) server to become resource starved. My guess is that somewhere between Apache, FastCGI, RT, and postfix, attempting to send (e.g.) a 50MB attachment using the "On Create Notify AdminCcs" scrip is

[rt-users] SLA Extension - searching for tickets with SLA not set

2017-01-31 Thread Chris McClement
I can't figure out how to search for a field (specifically, "SLA") that is unset: Tickets that are emailed to our helpdesk are inserted into a "Helpdesk" queue and from there an operator reviews the content and then assigns the ticket to the relevant queue. The "Helpdesk" queue does not have an

Re: [rt-users] When replying to a new ticket a new ticket get created

2017-01-31 Thread Martin Petersson
Hello Chris Thank you so much for answering. Yes we have åäö in Sweden. I reverted back to english on the templates if you mean thats where i should change? Because it was the only place where i changed from english to swedish but then i noticed that i had this in the subject tag on the queue