[rt-users] Running RT at /rt rather than / with Nginx

2016-02-29 Thread François Meehan
Thanks in advance, -- *François MEEHAN* Technical Support | Support Technique *VuWall Technology, Inc.* *Tel:* +1 514-505-4436 *Skype:* VuWall-Support - RT 4.4 and RTIR Training Sessions (http://bestpractical.com/services/training.html) * Hamburg Germany - March 14 & 15, 2016 * Was

[rt-users] Inversion of correspondence content in email

2016-04-27 Thread François Meehan
Hi, How can I change the "Admin Comment in HTML" template so it will first show the message and then RT header of Date:request no. was acted upon by Regards, -- *François MEEHAN* Technical Support | Support Technique *VuWall Technology, Inc.* *Tel:* +1 514-505-4436 *Skyp

Re: [rt-users] RT 4 on Amazon EC2

2017-02-24 Thread François Meehan
I found a work around, instead of Apache I use NGINX and that works. Little did I know that sending mail from an EC2 instance is problematic to say the least. Thanks all for your help. On Tue, Feb 21, 2017 at 2:11 PM, François Meehan <fmee...@vuwall.com> wrote: > Hi, > >

[rt-users] RT 4 on Amazon EC2

2017-02-21 Thread François Meehan
a memory Swap file configured. I wonder if this can cause the issue. Has anyone successful at running RT 4 on EC2? Thanks in advance, -- [image: VuWall] <https://vuwall.com> *François MEEHAN* IT Administrator Administrateur TI T: +1 514-505-4436 Skype: VuWall-Support

[rt-users] Suggested config to run RT on Amazon EC2 server

2016-11-08 Thread François Meehan
Hi, We are planning to move our RT instance to the cloud, using an EC2 server running Ubuntu. Should we use a t2.small (1 CPU 1 Gig ram) or a t2.medium (2 CPU 4 Gig ram) ? Our usage is light, 10 new tickets per day approx. Thanks in advance, -- *François MEEHAN* IT Manager | Responsable TI

[rt-users] Problem with index

2017-01-11 Thread François Meehan
-fulltext-indexer --limit 2 That ran without error and now running the command without --limit parameter also runs with no errors. Unfortunately the index is not working either. Is there a way to delete and recreate the index? Or is it something else I should try? Thanks in advance, -- *François