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2011-07-03 Thread Kartik Thakore
Hi Chris, 

I am interested in helping out! Any bugs I can tackle I will take. I am
also hoping to look at using some of the P5NCI optimizations chromatic
was talking about but I will wait for a while and learn the code base so

P.S. It would be appreciated if you CC'd the list. We
have several ppl on that list that are interested in this project 


On Sun, 2011-07-03 at 14:25 -0400, chm wrote:
 Announcing the new Perl OpenGL project site at  A read-only git access is at
 I plan on updating the plan going forward but
 the immediate goals are:
 (1) Continue work with Dmitry Karasik to resolve
  win32 and cygwin build issues for his new
  Prima::OpenGL module at
 (2) Refactor the perl API bindings to OpenGL
  to use GLEW rather than rolling our own.
  That should allow for an immediate bump
  in OpenGL support to version 4.x.
 (3) Refactor the GUI/system inteface in OpenGL
  to be more platform *and* GUI toolkit
  portable.  The current FreeGLUT default is
  very portable but abstracting the needed
  interface should allow it to be provided
  by *any* GUI library.  This is already getting
  started (surprisingly quickly) in #1.
 (4) Replace platform OpenGL library detection
  in the Makefile.PL by an Alien::OpenGL or
  such approach.  Maybe Alien::GLEW would be
  better here.
 (5) Move from EU::MM to Module::Build to reduce
  platform specific shell and make issues.
 If you are interested in participating, please
 contact me via email or through the
 project page links at

Kartik Thakore

Re: PerlGameDev Annonces, Aftermath YAPC::NA

2011-07-03 Thread chm

On 7/1/2011 7:22 PM, Adam Kennedy wrote:

All mainstream win32 have snake now, they just don't have any other makes

What is snake?  I don't seem to have it on
my winXP box.


On Jul 2, 2011 8:40 AM,  wrote:

On 7/1/2011 10:24 AM, Kartik Thakore wrote:

=head2 OpenGL 3.0
=blame kthakore, chromatic
=for kthakore, Chris, jtpalmer

This comes from the following observations ( feel free to scold/correct
me ).


=item Convergence to OpenGL

SDL 1.3 is moving over to OpenGL. Having the ability to do neat things
with OpenGL this will help to add more performance, speed and
flexibility to the module.

=item POGL still uses FreeGLUT

POGL albeit great is getting ... old. FreeGLUT is slowing down ( SDL
replaces this fine and we have tests to prove it see construder. It is
an extra dep.

FreeGLUT is the default window provider for POGL.
Any GUI toolkit that supports creating OpenGL contexts
and setting them should work fine. I'm looking into
factoring out the GUI dependencies so that POGL works
better with other GUI toolkits to provide the OS and
window system support.

=item OpenGL 3.3 is a fixed target

New OpenGL is all the way up to 4.x now. OpenGL 3.3 has been around for
a while and is not going to be using.


Based on this I think we should attempt to help the POGL dev with
whatever he needs. I will move it to github at some point. Additionally
chip during my talk you mentioned some technology for doing OpenGL
context/display lists better. Can you mention it again chip? I seem to
have forgotten it.

I'm not sure what the issues with context/display
lists might be but would be interested to hear.

As I see it, the top missing feature in Perl OpenGL
is support for OpenGL versions greater than 2.x.
Work is underway to refactor POGL to use GLEW for
the bindings. That should improve portability and
capability (GLEW supports pretty much all current
OpenGL versions).

The next priority for POGL is the build process
which is hamstrung by a static probe for system
capabilities and requires a shell and make to
work. I would like to move detection of needed
libraries to an Alien::Module and to Module::Build
for POGL itself which would avoid some of the
portability problems with win32---no shell, no
make, no package manager. I would like to see
POGL build on win32 platforms *without* requiring
a MSYS or cygwin install to get things to work.

Chris Marshall

The hope will be to make a declarative for OpenGL constructs that can be
sent straight to the hardware. Adam Kennedy has some work start in this
area (OpenGL::List).


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