[spectre] Tales about Darkness. Jagtvej 69 / Urban Pilgrims Copenhagen Christiania

2007-12-27 Diskussionsfäden Angela Dorrer
i n v i t e d e c 0 7 + *merry Xmas* ++ Urban Pilgrims Copenhagen Christiania Website, Survey, Performances 2007 / 2008 Thu Dec20th 07, 20:00 Tales about Darkness. Jagtvej 69 / performance on one of the darkest days of the year. Jagtvej/ Ground69,

[spectre] CEU Budapest summer course on “Media , Democratization and Civil Society” (Modified by ge ert lovink)

2007-12-27 Diskussionsfäden Kornelia Vargha
We would like to solicit your help to promote the summer the summer course on “Media, Democratization and Civil Society” among your colleagues, your graduate students, or any interested researchers. The course is organized by: COST A30 Action East of West: Setting a New Media Research Agenda

[spectre] Visual Foreign Correspondents presents Sharam Entekhabi from Iran

2007-12-27 Diskussionsfäden Marieke Istha
Visual Foreign Correspondents presents Issue 2 18 December 2007- 14 January 2008 Sharam Entekhabi, Iran Title: Haji Firouz In collaboration with The Globalised Crystal Ball we are proud to announce the second issue of Visual Foreign Correspondents. VFC is an independent platform in which 11

[spectre] ! Hans Ulrich Obrist Lecture December 26, 7 PM (Modified by Geert Lovink)

2007-12-27 Diskussionsfäden Alexandria Contemporary Arts Forum
ALEXANDRIA CONTEMPORARY ARTS FORUM (ACAF) WEDNESDAY 26 DECEMBER, 2007, 7 PM Curating Art, Curating Science, Curating Architecture: a Lecture by Hans Ulrich Obrist   Hans Ulrich Obrist delivers a lecture about his curatorial practice and puts the spotlight on curating as a process that expands

[spectre] Once Again + Happy Holidays

2007-12-27 Diskussionsfäden Turbulence
Dear Friends, We're 10 days away from the end of our 2007 fundraising campaign. Our goal is to raise $25,000 by the end of the year - we still have a long way to go. We know that many of you are struggling as much as we are. However, if each of you were to donate a mere $5.00, we would succeed.

[spectre] aMAZElab projects (Modified by Geert Lovink)

2007-12-27 Diskussionsfäden PRESS - aMAZElab
The cultural agency aMAZElab promoted the following international projects: PORT AMPs (Istanbul + Athens Biennials, September ’07 ) by Zafos Xagoraris The Greek artist created temporary soundscapes at  Istanbul and Athens Biennials. The project is part of Port City Safari, an international

[spectre] invitation 07 janv 08

2007-12-27 Diskussionsfäden franck ancel
From Milton Cohen's Space Theater to EMPAC by Franck Ancel ARIAS / INHA 2, rue Vivienne 75002 Paris France Monday 07 janv 08 from 6pm to 8pm. Abstract by Franck Ancel In 1957, a few years after the famous performance in the United States at Black Mountain College (1952) called Untitled event,

Re: [spectre] ! Hans Ulrich Obrist Lecture December 26, 7 PM (Modified by Geert Lovink)

2007-12-27 Diskussionsfäden Glen Runciter
clap clap clap this sheriff (curator for pavu.com) sucks he doesn't give a shit about artists and net art... he's the prototype of the alibi-art (power) He is one of ennemy to shoot down. I shoot the sheriff GR Alexandria Contemporary Arts Forum a écrit : ALEXANDRIA CONTEMPORARY ARTS FORUM

[spectre] [Fwd: [Intern:] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

2007-12-27 Diskussionsfäden bruder
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: RIPEMD160 Salve, die c-base wird parallel zum 24C3 (27.12. bis 30.12.) 4 Tage Programm fahren. Da wir eh DJ- und VJ-setups fuer den 28.12 und den 30.12 brauchen, dachten wir uns, wir lassen das einfach 4 Tage stehen, in der Hoffnung, dass es genutzt